Scholarship Opportunities Now Available

Do you know any Alaska students interested in pursuing education related to the tourism industry? Please encourage them to apply for one of our scholarship opportunities through the ATIA Foundation. The ATIA Foundation scholarship deadline is January 31, 2016. “ATIA members are dedicated to encouraging local hire within Alaska’s growing visitor industry and in strengthening our industry. This requires an ongoing commitment to an educated and trained workforce. ATIA Foundation scholarships are one way we are able to show our support for the educational goals of Alaskans interested in working and pursuing careers in our industry,” said Sarah Leonard, President and CEO of ATIA and an ATIA Fou..

Scholarship Opportunities Now Available

Applications for the 2017 ATIA Foundation Scholarships are now available to students interested in perusing a career related to the Alaska tourism industry. Alaskans interested in applying can find general information, including the application form (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=158878), on our Foundation Scholarship webpage ( The deadline to submit a completed application is January 31, 2017. Since 2001, the Foundation has awarded $310,000 in scholarships to more than 150 individuals. Past scholarships have benefited Alaskan students pursuing their career in tourism from Ketchikan to Nome and Kodiak to Tok with a special Rural Award b..


Tourism industry members and partners, Following the Governor’s vetoes of the FY 2017 operating budget, the Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA) Board of Directors held a special board meeting and identified next steps for Alaska tourism marketing. Governor Walker’s vetoes included a $3 million cut to the $4.5 million funding amount recommended by the legislative conference committee, leaving $1.5 million to be allocated to tourism marketing in FY 2017. Recognizing this level of tourism marketing funding significantly impacts the visitor industry’s ability to remain competitive and impacts those businesses and communities that rely on a strong statewide marketing program, ATIA leadership is moving..

Support Reinvesting in Tourism Marketing

We want to ensure Alaska’s travel resource is developed for the maximum benefit of Alaskans by REINVESTING a small portion of travel industry generated revenues into funding Alaska’s tourism marketing program. Check out our Communications Toolkit (/our-voice/communications-toolkit) and ATIA Grassroots Coalition (/atia-grassroots-coalition) page to learn more on how you can help spread the word. ..

Support Tourism Improvement District Legislation

As the leading statewide association for the travel industry in Alaska, the Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA), in partnership with the Alaska Tourism Marketing Board (ATMB), is advocating for an Alaska Tourism Improvement District (TID) for funding statewide destination marketing. As we move forward with discussion in Juneau and continued talks within the industry, we are seeking your support. What can you do? It's easy. You can: Sign on as an individual, with your business name or organization. Your information will be listed on and shared with legislators and other industry members growing momentum around funding for statewide Alaska tourism promotion. Write a letter of su..

The State of the American Traveler

Keeping your finger on the pulse of current traveler trends can be a challenge, especially during prime time visitor season. ( How much are leisure travelers spending? What social media platforms are being used most and by whom? And the ever-burning question: how do we gauge the travel behavior differences between Millennials and Baby Boomers? Well, Destination Analysts (' July 2015 edition of "The State of the American Traveler (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=140728)" answers all of those questions and more. Check out the full report for all of the facts and figures your business needs to build a profitable mark..