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ATIA Convention Updates 15-Jul-2016

Register for the 2016 ATIA Annual Convention & Trade Show TODAY!

Cooperative Alaska Marketing Opportunities 13-Jul-2016

Alaska Tourism Marketing Program Updates

ATIA Member E-News 07-Jul-2016

Alaska Tourism Marketing Updates.

ATIA Special Announcement 30-Jun-2016

FY17 Alaska Tourism Marketing Plan & Vacation Planner Sales


ATIA Convention E-News 22-Jun-2016

Registration for the 2016 ATIA Convention and Trade Show is now open!

ATIA Member E-News 15-Jun-2016

ATMB approves preliminary FY17 Marketing Plan.

Cooperative Marketing with the State of Alaska 14-Jun-2016

Save the Date! Vacation Planner & ads on sale July 5th!


ATIA Member E-News 31-May-2016

Upcoming ATIA Board of Directors and ATMB Meetings.

Cooperative Marketing with the State of Alaska 25-May-2016

New Consumer Newsletter Advertising Opportunity Now Available


ATIA Member E-News 12-May-2016

ATIA Staffing Announcements & Convention Trade Show Booths On Sale!

Cooperative Marketing with the State of Alaska 05-May-2016

Online coop marketing opportunities still available. Join us for the Brand USA/State of Alaska UK FAM Reception.