Consumer Segment Email Banner Ads

Event Type: & Digital Media
Location: Online
Date: Varies

Are you looking to reach consumers with a specific activity interest??

The new consumer segment email newsletter series will put your business in front of potential visitors who are interested in your type of activity!

Based on research and tracking of consumers on, four activity segments have been identified:

A new visitor to who expresses interest in an activity will receive a 12-month newsletter “subscription” starting in the month they signed up on the website.And your business can be the sole sponsor of one or more of the monthly activity newsletters.

Your business will be highlighted with a banner ad and you can sponsor more than one segment or multiple months in one segment or both. Cost is $250 per month, per segment newsletter. All ads will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Deadline to Register: n/a - But space is limited
Cost to Participate:

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