A huge thank you to our Alaska Sharks: Ral West from the Chuck West Family, Heather Handyside from GCI and Dale Wade from the Alaska Railroad, for their participation in the first ever Alaska Tourism Shark Tank. Through their generous contributions, three Alaska tourism business will now be able to make their future business dreams come true!

Congratulations to the 2016 Alaska Tourism Shark Tank Winners!

Kelly "Midgi" Moore - Juneau Food Tours

Awarded the $5,000 Chuck West Award for her Juneau Bites & Booze Tour business pitch.




Susan Gilpatrick - Gilpatrick's Hotel Chitina, Inc.


Awarded $4,000 for her pitch to finish construction on a new RV Park and Salmon Bake.


Eileen Jackson & Edwin Bifelt from Koyukuk River Tribal Tours

Awarded $6,000 to offset marketing and advertising expenses for the new Koyukuk River Tribal Tours Eco-Tour.




Sponsored by:       THE CHUCK WEST FAMILY