Annual Industry Awards

Congratulations to the 2017 ATIA Annual Industry Award Recepients

2017 Industry Award Winners

Alyeska Award - All Alaska Tours

This award will be presented to a business or organization for its outstanding leadership, professional excellence, and group contribution to the Alaska travel industry.




Chuck West Award - Alaska Farm Tours

It was Marguerite West’s intention to carry on the tradition and to honor her husband by funding this award which will be given to a new pioneer in the industry who has exhibited entrepreneurial creativity, innovation and courage in the introduction of a successful new product for the benefit and enjoyment of Alaska’s visitors.




Denali Award - John Quinley

This award will be presented to a living individual for his or her outstanding leadership, professional excellence, and personal contribution to the Alaska travel industry.




Spirit of Alaska Award - Becky Janes

This award will be presented to an individual or business that has demonstrated exceptional efforts to support a local community, charity, or other organization outside the travel industry.




Stan Stephens Stewardship Award - Ken Leghorn

This award commemorates the passion and dedication that Stan Stephens lived by in his commitment to safeguard a place he loved dearly. Stan was a meticulous steward of Prince William Sound and after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, publicly declared that he would dedicate the rest of his life to making sure the area was protected. Recipients of this award, like Stan, will have worked nobly and passionately over time to protect a place or resource or pursue a just cause that greatly benefits all of us in travel and tourism. The award will only be presented during years when a qualified recipient has been nominated.


Special Recognition Award - Michael Wien

The special recognition award is granted periodically to an individual or business who has made substantial contributions to the tourism industry in Alaska. The recognition may be due to the individual’s personal efforts on behalf of the industry or through the efforts of a tourism related businesses that have positively enhanced Alaska tourism and travel.



Rod Bradley Golden Oosik Award - HBO - The Young Pope

This award will be presented, in good humor, to an individual, a company, an agency, a community, or other identifiable unit for an error, a blooper, an oversight or other humorous circumstance that has emerged during the past year.





Lifetime Achievement Award - Richard Beneville


While not a standing annual award, this recognition will be conferred upon an individual who has demonstrated lifelong support of and leadership in Alaska tourism, promoted industry standards of excellence, and contributed to the industry’s growth as a whole.



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