NEW FEATURED VIDEO: "State of the Industry 2016"

Travel is an essential economic contributor, providing jobs for millions of Americans. 2016 offers promising opportunities to strengthen the industry and advance priorities, though the community must stay united to face challenges. In the above video, U.S. Travel President and CEO Roger Dow offers insight into the current climate and future outlook of the travel industry...

Plan for Vacation

The Project: Time Off Coalition is a broad-based group of organizations focused on changing America‚Äôs thinking and behavior about vacation time. Visit Project: Time Off ([email protected]&utm_content=12%2E19%2E17%20NPVD%20%233%20-%20Customize%20Story&utm_campaign=How%20to%20Pitch%20%23PlanForVacation%20Day) to read more on this disturbing study!..

Reinvest in Alaska Tourism!

When there is strong reinvestment in tourism marketing, then tourism works for Alaska, resulting in: • Nearly 2 Million Visitors coming to Alaska, spending money on tours as well as public land permits, campgrounds, hotel stays, rental cars, food, laundry services, airline tickets, gifts, equipment and more. • Over $100 Million in State Revenues & $78 Million in Municipal Revenues generated by Alaska’s visitor industry through a variety of taxes and other fees, helping to fund services benefitting residents and communities. • 1 in 11 Jobs within the visitor industry, creating an important part of Alaska’s employment picture. • $1.8 Billion In-State Visitor Spend..

Save Tourism Marketing!

Call in today or e-mail members of the House and Senate finance committees. More information is available on ATIA's e-mail ( sent earlier today...

Scholarship Opportunities Now Available

Do you know any Alaska students interested in pursuing education related to the tourism industry? Please encourage them to apply for one of our scholarship opportunities through the ATIA Foundation. The ATIA Foundation scholarship deadline is January 31, 2016. “ATIA members are dedicated to encouraging local hire within Alaska’s growing visitor industry and in strengthening our industry. This requires an ongoing commitment to an educated and trained workforce. ATIA Foundation scholarships are one way we are able to show our support for the educational goals of Alaskans interested in working and pursuing careers in our industry,” said Sarah Leonard, President and CEO of ATIA and an ATIA Fou..

Scholarship Opportunities Now Available

Applications for the 2017 ATIA Foundation Scholarships are now available to students interested in perusing a career related to the Alaska tourism industry. Alaskans interested in applying can find general information, including the application form (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=158878), on our Foundation Scholarship webpage ( The deadline to submit a completed application is January 31, 2017. Since 2001, the Foundation has awarded $310,000 in scholarships to more than 150 individuals. Past scholarships have benefited Alaskan students pursuing their career in tourism from Ketchikan to Nome and Kodiak to Tok with a special Rural Award b..