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ATIA Member E-News 02-Aug-2018

Message from the President, Convention Deadlines, Issues of Interest, and more

Alaska Cooperative Marketing Program E-News 25-Jul-2018

Vacation Planner, Media Networking, and more...

Alaska Cooperative Marketing E-News 12-Jul-2018

Travel Trade, Hot Deals, and more!

ATIA Member E-news 20-Jun-2018

ATIA and ATMB Board updates, convention keynote announced, ATIA annual award submissions, and more...

Alaska Cooperative Marketing Program E-news 14-Jun-2018

Alaska Cooperative Marketing Program FY 2018 highlights, kickoff to FY 2019, THANK YOU to ATMB...

ATIA Member E-news 06-Jun-2018

ATIA signs formal agreement for online social media promotion in China, tourism indusry represents during Governor's China Trade Mision, ATIA Annual Conference Updates, and more!

Alaska Cooperative Marketing E-news 30-May-2018

Check out the latest State of Alaska Cooperative Marketing Program deals!

ATIA Member E-news 24-May-2018

Capital budget update, seeking ATIA Board candidates, surveys and comments needed...

Alaska Cooperative Marketing E-news 16-May-2018

New look to, Alaska Media Road Show registration open, and Hottest Deals!

ATIA Member E-news 10-May-2018

Happy National Travel and Tourism Week, Issues of Interest, and Member News

ATIA Member E-news - April 25, 2018 25-Apr-2018

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing, Conference updates, member news, and more!

Alaska Cooperative Marketing E-news 18-Apr-2018

TravelAlaska ads, leads, ATMB sunset...