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ATIA Legislative Update 06-Feb-2017

ATIA Shares Marketing Funding Plan with Legislators...

ATIA Member E-News 03-Feb-2017

Tourism Night at the Aces RSVP Deadline today! Family Assistance Foundation Human Services Response Training registration deadline Monday, February 6.

Cooperative Marketing Opportunities 25-Jan-2017

Be Social and Reach New Customers! Now is the time that visitors are researching their next vacation and they are using lots of different online tools. Be sure they find your business when they are on social media. Use Alaska's tourism marketing co-op programs to bring them to Alaska in 2017.

ATIA Membership E-News 19-Jan-2017

Family Assistance Foundation Human Response Training registration deadline February 3...

Cooperative Marketing Opportunities 19-Jan-2017

Take advantage of the increased traffic on

ATIA Membership E-News 1-4-17 10-Jan-2017

Family Assistance Foundation Human Services Response™ Training

Alaska Cooperative Marketing Updates 19-Dec-2016

Coop marketing deadlines extended through Thursday.


ATIA Welcomes Governor's Appointments to the Alaska Tourism Marketing Board

ATIA Member E-News 06-Dec-2016

A letter from the president and ATMB appointments by the Governor.

Alaska Cooperative Marketing 29-Nov-2016

Partner with Alaska to stretch your marketing reach


ATIA Member E-News 04-Nov-2016

Upcoming ATIA & ATMB meetings, scholarships available and a new, exclusive advertising opportunity only for ATIA members.

Alaska Cooperative Marketing 28-Oct-2016

New coop marketing programs now available!