ATIA Foundation – Making a Difference

Message from the President

It is that season again and you will probably read many letters about giving. Sometimes the more modest messages are the ones that stick with you.

I spoke with a friend recently, and she told me the story of how she changed someone’s life. It wasn’t because of a big gesture or even something given at a tremendous cost. It was simply this: she told someone they mattered. They made a difference.

Last October, at the annual convention, ATIA made a difference in the lives of 14 individuals. The ATIA Foundation awarded scholarships ranging from $500 to $2,500 to Alaska residents who are just starting out—or who are continuing their education—in the tourism industry. I like to think those scholarship recipients will pass that gift on to the hundreds or even thousands of visitors they will encounter over the course of their careers.

As we close out the year, I’d like to encourage you to make a difference. Help us foster future tourism professionals by giving a generous gift to the ATIA Foundation. Whether it’s a named scholarship or general contribution to the ATIA Foundation, your contribution supports the next generation and lets them know that they matter to you and to our industry.

All of us here at ATIA wish you the very best this holiday season. Thank you for making a difference.

President and CEO