COVID-19 Vaccines

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services is recommending current travel and health mandates stay in place until more people have access and choose to get vaccinated. Vaccinated or not, travelers must still comply with Health Order 8, Intrastate Travel and Health Order 6, International and Interstate Travel.

While the vaccine helps protect individuals, it is unclear whether or not vaccinated people can still spread the virus. Alaska still has high case levels in our communities, and DHSS is asking Alaskans to continue to practice safe health practices.

The ATIA team is supporting the State of Alaska’s vaccine task force by responding to general vaccine questions via our current COVID-19 hotline as well as supporting traveler inquiries. We are providing feedback to DHSS about questions travelers may have related to vaccines and how travel-related mandates might be updated moving forward.

Questions? Visit the DHSS Vaccine Information website, the COVID-19 Traveler Information page on, the COVID-19 information page on, or contact the COVID Information Hotline.

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