National Park Service Announces Plan to Address Infrastructure Needs

Our voice has been heard! More than 100,000 comments were submitted to the National Park Service in response to its October 2017 proposal to increase fees at 17 national parks to address its deferred maintenance backlog. While ATIA supports the NPS’s efforts to improve the visitor experience and address deferred maintenance, we expressed concern with the implementation schedule’s impacts to tourism businesses, potential visitor impacts, and the need for sustainable funding for park infrastructure generally.

Today, the NPS announced that it will modestly increase entrance fees at 117 parks that currently have a fee structure. Funds raised will be used to address $11.6 billion in deferred maintenance across the park system. Existing fees will increase by roughly $5 starting June 1, 2018. Commercial operators will not be required to pay the fee increase until October 2019. Commercial Use Agreements will still be offered.

Denali is the only park effected in Alaska.

While we continue to advocate for sustainble park funding, ATIA believes that this is a reasonable response to a pressing problem affecting many of our members. Click here to see the full NPS announcement.