Reinvest in Alaska Tourism!

When there is strong reinvestment in tourism marketing, then tourism works for Alaska, resulting in:

• Nearly 2 Million Visitors coming to Alaska, spending money on tours as well as public land permits, campgrounds, hotel stays, rental cars, food, laundry services, airline tickets, gifts, equipment and more.

• Over $100 Million in State Revenues & $78 Million in Municipal Revenues generated by Alaska’s visitor industry through a variety of taxes and other fees, helping to fund services benefitting residents and communities.

• 1 in 11 Jobs within the visitor industry, creating an important part of Alaska’s employment picture.

• $1.8 Billion In-State Visitor Spending helps support large and small tourism businesses.

• $1.24 billion in labor income was created by tourism business employment, for an economic impact of $3.72 billion.

Source: McDowell Group: Economic Impact of Alaska’s Visitor Industry 2012-2013 Update

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