Local Alaska Support Grant Program

The Royal Caribbean Group has partnered with the Alaska Travel Industry Association Foundation (ATIA Foundation), an Alaska-based nonprofit organization (501c3), to review applications from invited applicants to provide emergency grants to local businesses and charitable organizations affected by COVID-19.

Who can apply?

The Local Alaska Support Grant Program is invitation-only. The invitation, however, does not guarantee a business or organization will be awarded a grant. Unsolicited applications will not be considered. You are encouraged to participate even if you have received support from another funder or via fiscal incentives such as tax breaks. You can only submit ONE application per business or organization.



  • Businesses/organizations must operate and be located in one of the ports or communities Royal Caribbean Group serves in Alaska.
  • Businesses/organizations must currently be in business and have been in operation before March 2019.
  • A business/organization must have an established relationship with Royal Caribbean Group and provide services or goods to Royal Caribbean Group’s customers including transportation, port-side services, goods or sales, tour operation services, tourism entertainment services, etc.

Grant Timeline

The ATIA Foundation will evaluate the applications meeting the eligibility requirements on a rolling basis beginning May 31, 2021. All requests must be submitted by August 30, 2021.

Funding Priorities

The ATIA Foundation will prioritize Alaska business and organization applications that explain how their services are critical to the cruise experience. Additionally, applicants will be asked to submit a clear plan on their use of grant funds and how this support will help maintain their business/organization and/or have the capability to continue operating.

Evaluation Criteria & Process

  • Status of the Business/Organization: The history and financial health of your businesses/organization pre-COVID-19.
  • Business/Organization size and people reached: Number of employees, type of service provided, and number of customers normally served pre-COVID-19 (2019 season) by your business/organization.
  • Impact and response to COVID-19: Description of how your business/organization was impacted by COVID-19 and your plan to use grant funds to address the challenges identified and how this grant support will help keep your business/organization operating. (i.e., maintaining insurance, permitting, employee retention).

The ATIA Foundation will consider recommendations and funding priorities of the Royal Caribbean Group. The ATIA Foundation will receive and review invited grant applications and confirm that applicants have met the grant criteria. The ATIA Foundation will notify each applicant of its status.

Funding Levels & Reporting

Selected grant recipients will be required to sign a grant agreement with the ATIA Foundation and provide supporting documentation before receiving the grant award.

  • Grant awards will range from USD$3,000 up to a maximum amount of USD$75,000. These are grants, not loans, so they do not require repayment. Size of the business/organization, revenue, strategic value, and impact will be considered in the final grant award amount.
  • Grantees will be required to submit a report documenting the use of funds, share a testimonial on the program’s impact, and submit 3-5 pictures no later than two months following the grant award. The ATIA Foundation will provide the grant agreement and grant report template to the recipient at the time of award.

Use of Grant Funds

Eligible use of grant funds includes repayment of loans, normal business/organization operating costs such as rent, equipment, insurance costs, retaining employees (payroll expenses), or any other activity relevant and critical to keeping your business/organization in operation.


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