How to Contact Your Legislator

STEP 1: Identify your Senator and Representative based on your address

Alaska contains 40 House Districts matched with 20 Senate Districts. Your legislators are determined based on your address of residence (voting address) as found on your Alaska Voter ID Card or by locating your address on the district map HERE.

Once you know your House and Senate District, you can look up your legislators and their contact information by clicking HERE.

STEP 2: Send a letter today with these simple themes

Identify yourself as a constituent and your connection to the visitor industry.
Declare that you support a long term and sustained tourism marketing program.
Request to be added to their district mailing list.
Ask to be notified of public events in your district.

Letter Writing Tips: 

  • Personalize your letter and avoid the use of letter templates – write from the heart.
  • Maintain a respectful tone throughout your communication – never use your letter to threaten.
  • Identify yourself as a member of the Travel, Tourism and/or Hospitality Industry.
  • State how you and your family are impacted by a healthy visitor industry. Examples include your direct wages, employment opportunities for your family, prosperity for your community including offsets to property taxes.
  • If you own or manage a business, share your outlook for your business including changes in employment, wages and benefits dependent on the prosperity of the visitor economy.
  • State your support for a broad based, statewide tourism marketing program that creates a positive image and heightened awareness of our destination.
  • Remember, Alaska competes in the global marketplace against other long-haul destinations (Hawaii, New Zealand, Argentina, Norway, etc.) Point out that funding should be appropriated from existing taxes paid by the industry. Use the “Reinvest in Alaska Tourism” flier to share these messages!
  • Keep your communication open. Ask their opinion. Ask for their support. Ask to be added to their district newsletter. Sign up to be a friend of theirs on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Anything you can to do maintain contact will pay dividends down the road.

STEP 3: Save their contact information and keep in touch

Save their contact information for frequent use throughout the session. If you use Facebook or Twitter, attempt to connect with your legislators there as well.

STEP 4: Please send a copy of your letters to ATIA

It is hugely helpful for us to have a record of your letters so that we can distribute them during our meetings with legislators. Please send copies to Sarah Leonard and indicate whether you will allow us to post them on our website as a resource for other members, or prefer they be kept confidential among ATIA staff and legislators.


New Alaska Cooperative Marketing Opportunities are Now Available

There are a variety of options for your business or organization to leverage Alaska’s national marketing campaign to reach highly qualified potential visitors. See what’s available on the Coop Marketing Programs page.