How to Backup Your Website

How to Restore Files, Web Apps, CRM and Ecommerce

As described in the video, there are different ways to restore your data. One method is to use an FTP client to restore data to your website. There are a number of SFTP clients you can use to connect to your site. Regardless of the client you use, the you’ll need to use the following SFTP (which means Secure File Transfer Protocol) connection details for your site are as below:

  • Host name –
  • Protocol – SFTP / SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • Port – 22
  • User name –
  • Password – Your admin login password

SFTP settings


How to Restore Blogs

To restore blog posts, you can download your latest backup file, unzip the file and look for a folder named blogs. When you’re ready to restore, go to Modules > Blogs > Click on the blog you would like to restore to and choose ‘Import Posts’ and select the file you want to restore from your backups and choose the ‘WordPress’ format. Your blog posts will be imported (and restored).

Following is a list of items that can currently be backed up with our app. More items will be added when possible.


  • We now backup Blog Posts (in JSON and WordPress format) as well!


  • Folders
  • System Files
  • Images
  • Code, such as Javascript, jQuery, and CSS
  • Layouts
  • Outbound Emails
  • Shipping Details
  • System Messages
  • Module Templates
  • Page Templates
  • System Apps (such as those in the app store)
  • Campaigns (Draft and Sent)
  • Content Holders
  • Sitemap XML File

Web Apps

  • Web App Items
  • Web App Layouts
  • Web App Autoresponder Emails


  • Customers*
  • Cases*
  • Orders*


  • Catalogs
  • Products
  • Ecommerce Layouts


  • Blog Posts
  • Blog Post URL
  • Blog Post Content
  • IMPORTANT: Featured Image, SEO Metadata, Tags and Categories cannot be backed up at this time.
*Only the standard CRM fields are backed up. Extended CRM data is not backed up at this time. Exercise discretion when restoring CRM data if you have extended your CRM. Also note, cases and orders are only exported in json format, which at this point are not importable from the admin console. Contact us about custom import support for cases and orders.


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