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  • Listing Opening Date: April 16, 2022
  • Listing Closing Date: September 15, 2022

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Jeep tours and rentals in the Denali National Park area!

For you, trekking outdoors isn’t just a weekend hobby, it’s a way of life. You find yourself most at home in nature and are constantly inviting friends and newbies on your next adventure. At Denali Jeep Excursions, you can use your skills and your passion to create the summer of a lifetime! Denali is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and guests deserve to have a professional, knowledgeable guide help them navigate the Denali wilderness. There are so many ways to experience Denali but our unique challenge is to cover a massive, rugged area in limited time. We use Jeep Wranglers to comfortably transport our guests to some of the most photographic sights along the Denali Highway, including the Great One, Denali.

DOE – Starting at $16 Hourly wage ($14 hourly base + $2 end of season bonus) + TIPS! (tips will add at least $6-10/hour!) + Single Room Housing!

Management positions available as well.

Application link:

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

✔ Establish a relationship with each guest and tour group that will foster strong communication throughout the tour.
✔ Understand who your guests are and their needs so that you can sympathize and provide the appropriate level of direction. Adapt to each group and be intentional about your delivery.
✔ Lead a 4 hour driving tour and promote exploration at stopping points.
✔ Captivate your audience by pulling facts and stories from your wealth of outdoors knowledge to engage and teach your tour group.
✔ Immerse yourself in Denali and continue to learn and develop your outdoor skills.
✔ Display self-discipline and cooperative teamwork as you guide alone or with a partner.
✔ Demonstrate pride in your work and attention to detail. As a guide, you understand that your attitude sets the tone for the entire tour and that after the tour, clean up and preparations are vital for smooth, professional operations.
✔ Work with the Jeep rental fleet and assist with rental operations.
✔ Pickup guests at their hotels prior to each tour and drop them off after tour completion.
✔ Clean Jeeps and transportation vehicles after each tour and perform basic maintenance.

Required Qualifications:

✔ Desire to live and enjoy a relatively remote area of Alaska for about 4.5 months.
✔ Ability to drive for 4-6 hours a day, with the majority of the time spent with guests.
✔ Ability to drive in darkness and in all weather conditions. (snow, rain, and sun)
✔ Positive attitude while working in the elements and with all personalities.
✔ Strong communication skills and even better people skills.
✔ Must have a “Safety First” mentality rather than an “Adventure First” attitude.
✔ Ability to think calmly and critically in high-stress situations.
✔ Must be flexible with scheduling and able to work a mix of morning and evening tours.
✔ Must be willing and able to assist in maintenance as needed.
✔ Clean Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).
✔ First Aid and CPR certified.

Preferred Qualifications:

✔ 2-5 years experience working in customer service.
✔ Experience working in seasonal tourism a major plus.
✔ Familiarity with Denali National Park history, landscape and wildlife.

Job Submission Instructions: Please fill out an application through link or email with any questions or to send a resume.
Job Contact Name: Kyle
Job Contact Phone: (907) 683-5337

To apply for this job please visit


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