Alaska Visitors Statistics Program (AVSP) VII

The most comprehensive research about Alaska’s visitors is now available. The survey conducted in summer 2016 shows a 4% growth in visitation resulting in $1.97 billion in visitor spending. A large portion of the bump can be attributed to an increase in air volume, which went up by 6 percent. Those arriving by cruise ship accounted for 55 percent of visitors, totaling 1,025,900 people in summer 2016. The highway/ferry market saw the biggest jump, going up 10 percent over the past year and now accounting for 5 percent of total summer visitor volume.

The report is divided into 20 sections to make finding detailed information about your community, region and business-type easy. Be sure to check out the profiles on international visitors, cruise visitors, repeat visitors, adventure travelers, independent travelers and more! Learn how each type of traveler planned their trip so you can make informed marketing decisions.

Click any of the links below to either download the entire report or any section.

    Complete AVSP VII Report
0. Cover and Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Visitor Volume
4. Visitor Profile - Trip Purpose, Packages, Transportation, Length of Stay, and Lodging
5. Visitor Profile - Destinations and Activities
6. Visitor Profile - Satisfaction, Repeat Travel, and Trip Planning
7. Visitor Profile - Demographics and Spending
8. Summary Profiles - Trip Purpose
9. Summary Profiles - Fly/Drive, Highway, Ferry, and Campground Users
10. Summary Profiles - U.S. Regions and Canada
11. Summary Profiles - Southcentral Regions and Communities
12. Summary Profiles - Southeast Region and Communities
13. Summary Profiles - Interior Region and Communities
14. Summary Profiles - Southwest and Far North Regions and Communities
15. Summary Profiles - Adventure, Culture, and Fishing Markets
16. Summary Profiles - Independent, Small Ship, Independent Cruise, B&B, and Group Markets
17. Summary Profiles - Party Size and Repeat Visitors
18. Summary Profiles - Cruise Type 2011 and 2016
19. International Visitors
20. Methodology

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