Event type: E-Newsletter
Location: Digital Publication
Date: Year-Round

A complimentary program to travel specials, The Hottest Deals in the Coolest State E-Newsletter highlights 12 current travel specials per issue. The Hottest Deals in the Coolest State E-Newsletter is distributed to more than 400,000 highly qualified potential visitors each month who have requested to receive Alaska travel information. These monthly e-newsletters are limited to 12 travel specials per month, on a first-come, first-served basis and each travel special receives a percentage of top placement. Travel specials highlighted in the Hottest Deals Newsletter feature a captivating image, description of the travel special, and links to your existing travel special.

Each travel special highlighted in the e-newsletter will have a custom landing page built on TravelAlaska.com featuring only that specific travel special. This landing page includes the travel special title, details, image, and URL back to the business website to encourage sales.

Sign up today through your TravelAlaska.com Partner Admin account. Or, contact Skye Hostetler if you have questions beyond the scope of the information presented here.

Fine Print:
Partner must have a current travel special on TravelAlaska.com to be eligible for this program







Deadline to Register: Varies
Cost to Participate: $450 per month plus $50 to place a Travel Special on TravelAlaska.com
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