Banner Ads/International Banner Ads

Event Type: Digital Media
Location: - Alaska's Official Travel Planning Website
Date: Year-Round

Banner ads are available on, Alaska’s official travel planning website, to any advertiser promoting tourism to/within the state of Alaska. Last year had more than 2 million potential visitors access the website. Banner Ads are a visual call to action that will help increase the visibility of your product to potential visitors as they are planning their trips to Alaska. The banner ads were recently redesigned along with an overall refresh of the site to help ensure advertisers get the most return of their marketing dollars.

How This Program Works:
The State will host the advertisers banner ad on and direct traffic from the banner ad directly to the advertiser’s web site. Banner ads will randomly rotate into 1 of 3 slots on each page except the homepage of Each time a reader changes pages or refreshes their browser, new ads are randomly displayed. Banner ads are also available on any of the foreign language websites, which include Japanese , Chinese, Spanish, Korean and German.

For best results, we encourage you to:
  • Create a banner ad that features color photography of mountains, glaciers or wildlife. 
  • Include either a strong call to action or discount. 
  • Avoid large graphic logos unless you believe your logo has brand appeal in the lower 48.

If you have questions or need help contact the ATIA Sales Team . Sign up today through your Partner Admin. 



  • Advertiser must have an active online business listing ad to be eligible for this program.
  • Advertiser must have a website to be eligible for this program.
  • All banner ad statistics (clicks and impressions) are available in the Partner Admin.



Deadline to Register: None - Banner ads can be purchased at any time throughout the year.
Cost to Participate:
Banner Ads on English site are $10 per 1,000 impressions with a minimum order of 100,000 impressions. Banner Ads on International sites are $1.50 per 1,000 impressions with no minimum impressions per order.

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