Event type: Public Relations
Location: Online
Date: April 20, 2021

Live from Alaska! A virtual event for travel agents and media to experience all that Alaska has to offer!

On April 20 from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Travel Alaska will host the new “Live from Alaska,” event. This event will inform and engage the travel agents and media, arming them with everything they need to know about Alaska’s upcoming summer season and sharing a few of Alaska’s iconic travel experiences.

Although this will be a virtual event, Travel Alaska will be using an online platform that allows us to run it like an in-person convention with a main stage, breakout sessions and a trade show floor. The schedule will include a State of the Alaska Tourism Industry presentation, a panel discussion with live Q&A, virtual experiences, destination training and a trade show floor. The event will give Travel Alaska Partners the chance to connect with media and travel agents in the trade show booths through contact sharing, live chats and one-on-one meetings.

There are three sponsor opportunities for this event:

First, Travel Alaska Partners can host a virtual trade show booth, where you can present videos and info about your destination/business, live chat or meet with attendees and gather contact info from interested attendees. Our Partners at Thompson & Co will build the trade show booths and Partners can email the materials needed for the trade show booth directly to Skye Hostetler at shostetler@alaskatia.org. If you have questions over the materials needed please feel free to contact Skye Hostetler for a list of materials. Once a Partner has registered for a trade show booth you will also receive a confirmation email with the materials listed. There are unlimited booths available.

Second, Travel Alaska Partners can sponsor a 10 to 15 minute virtual experience which will be broadcast on the main stage during the event. The virtual experiences will “transport” attendees to Alaska for an activity that showcases your business/destination, whether that be a cultural performance or demonstration, a wildlife encounter, a sled dog tour or other experiences. Our partners at Thompson & Co. will work with each sponsor to capture and present their activity in a pre-recorded video. Partners will also receive full rights to the video produced to use in future marketing efforts. There are four sponsored experiences available and this sponsorship type will also include a trade show booth at the event.

Third, Our DMO Partners can sponsor 10 minutes of destination training for the travel agent audience during the concurrent sessions. Up to 4 destinations can sign up for this training opportunity on a first come, first serve basis. Each DMO Partner will get 10 minutes to share highlights and information about their destination.

The fine print: Destination trainings and Virtual Experiences sold on a first-come, first-served basis. See the Live From Alaska Event Schedule for complete event details.

Sign up today through your Travel Alaska Partner Admin account.

Should you have questions beyond the scope of the information presented here, please contact Skye Hostetler.

Deadline to Register: 
Friday March 19th-Virtual Experiences
Friday April 2nd-Trade Show Booths (also materials due this day)
Friday April 9th-Destination Training for Travel Agents
Cost to Participate: 
Trade Show Booth $200
Destination Training $500
Virtual Experience $2,000
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