Event type: E-Newsletter
Location: Digital Publication
Date: April 4, 2021

Travel Alaska is now partnering with Lonely Planet to offer our cooperative marketing Partners a chance to reach this new and highly qualified audience. Deploying April 4th, 2021 Travel Alaska’s dedicated e-newsletter with Lonely Planet will go out to approx. 236,000 Lonely Planet subscribers.

The e-newsletter will target an audience with a focus on sustainable travel and ecotourism, ages 45+, with an average household income of $135,000. Past Lonely Planet dedicated e-newsletter have been successful at reaching their target audience with an average open rate of over 20% and an average click through rate of over 5%.

For more information about the program, including materials needed from Partners to participate, please contact Skye Hostetler at shostetler@alaskatia.org.

Limited to 4 partners on a first come, first served basis.

Deadline to Register: March 24, 2021
Cost to Participate: $1,250
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