Event type: Email Marketing
Location: Smithsonian Email
Date: Multiple Dates

Smithsonian Dedicated Emails – Multiple Partners

Leverage the credibility of the Smithsonian brand with a dedicated email, distributed to our email audience members of over 300,000 subscribers who have requested to receive information from our sponsors. Reach thousands of curious people – and provide trusted content mixing intelligence and culture with a child’s sense of wonder.

Send Date: February 8, 2023
February Ad Space Deadline: January 23, 2023
February Materials Deadline: January 27, 2023

Send Date: June 8, 2023
June Ad Space Deadline: May 22, 2023
June Materials Deadline: May 25, 2023

Price: $2,100

Limited to 6 Partners per send.


  • Image: 600px wide horizontal (Smithsonian can also help resize images as needed)
  • Headline: Approx. 600 characters including spaces
  • CTA: 2-3 words
  • Link to Website

Smithsonian Dedicated Email -1 Partner

Send Date: Partner’s Choice (Available November 2022 – June 2023)
Deadline: Based on Send Date
Price: $7,500

Limited to 1 Partner per send

Specs: No specific specs. Partner will work with Smithsonian to gather materials and approve layout.

Deadline to Register: Varies
Cost to Participate: Depends on Program
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