Guest Services

Job Description

Guest Service - Summer Seasonal

Guest Services coworkers are primarily responsible for coordinating all activities associated with guest departures from and returns to Fairbanks. This includes preparing materials such as snack coolers, guide boxes etc. needed by the guides on the road. It also involves greeting guests as they arrive, checking them in for their various tours, making any certificate corrections and setting appropriate expectations. Guest Services gives a thorough briefing at the start of each tour, using soulful honesty to prepare everyone for the realities they will encounter during their experience, and addressing any questions, concerns or trepidations guests may have. The start of a tour is a time when many things are happening simultaneously, and an ability to maintain calm under such conditions is definitely an asset.

Guest Services coworkers will often shuttle people to or from our Northern Alaska Tour Company headquarters in 15 passenger vans. Also, Guest Services takes primary responsibility for the essential task of keeping our terminal and restrooms tidy, clean and sanitary.

NATC has an open office environment, so coworkers have the pleasure of constant interaction with each other – we pride ourselves in professional, respectful communication combined with a deep level of caring. Guest Services coworkers are especially active in maintaining open communications with guides, pilots and other parts of the NATC family.

Specific Responsibilities

The guest service position has primary responsibility for coordinating all activities associated with guest departures from and return arrivals to Fairbanks. The position is empowered with the important responsibility of ensuring that each guest departs on an experience with expectations set at a level that can be exceeded by the guide and the experience. Additionally, the position is responsible for assisting reservations with inquiry, reservation, and document production activities.

Prepare guide supply boxes for each departing experience as needed.

Obtain knowledge of guest needs/dynamics for each departure/arrival.

Develop daily guest service logistics plan.

Communicate with guide and others on logistics associated with each departure/arrival.

Operate 15-passenger van to shuttle guests to/from terminal as required.

Greet each departing/arriving guest upon his/her arrival at terminal.

Deliver a pre-experience expectations orientation for each departing group of guests.

Complete revenue sheet for each departure.

Perform cleaning-related activities at the terminal.

Clean and organize incoming food coolers.

Work on experience food prep activities as time allows.

Greet walk-ins and appropriately respond to needs.

Execute retail-related activities as required.

Assist with reservations activity as required.

Assist with ramp-related activities as required.

Assist with purchasing/expediting activities as required.

Assist with other tasks or activities as required.


Full time work as well as necessary training begins in late April / early May. Summer season ends in late September when we transition to winter tours.


This is a summer seasonal position that continues through the end of September. There is potential for seasonal positions to transition into year round positions in the fall and winter!

HOURS: 4/5 days per week: three-week rotation
[week one -- 5 days / week two -- 5 days / week three -- 4 days]

Morning: 3:00 am - 11:30 am [30-minute meal break]
Afternoon: 11:00 am -- 8:00 pm [60-minute meal break]
Evening: 5:30 pm -- 2:00 am [30-minute meal break]

Guest Service candidates must be at least 19 years of age by June 2023.

All candidates must possess the ability to successfully complete Northern Alaska Tour Company's 2023 Professional Vehicle Operator Training program and must complete a pre-employment drug test.

$18.00 / hour


$15.00 / hour + Shared Housing + Transportation

Online applications only. Please apply @

You are welcome to call our office @ (907) 474-8600 and ask for Michelle or Colin with any questions!


3820 University Avenue, South, Fairbanks, AK,

Listing Closing Date

02 / 28 / 2023


Any candidate wishing to apply should visit: and complete our online application.