Business Manager

Job Description

The Business Manager is responsible for the overall management, administration and quality
of the Sitka Tribal Enterprise’s current and future business development. The incumbent
works closely with the Economic Development Director to formulate and recommend both
short- and long-term policies, developing goals and objectives, supervising STE staff, assist in
developing budgets, and monitor and reconcile daily cash transactions. Develop and grow a
strong public relationship with the economic community, including government agencies,
non-profit organizations, academic and business institutions, as well as entrepreneurial and
civic groups. Responsibilities require a high degree of administrative discretion in their
A. Supervision and Authority
Supervises the STE staff when the Director is out of the office or on travel.
B. Administrative STE Business Support
● Assure that STA businesses and facilities meets all commercial compliances including
licenses, permits and reporting
● Oversee maintenance schedule on the STE Business Facilities
● Assures all forms consistent with all laws, regulations, and applicable permits
● Assures regular customer business hours 8:00-4:30 pm for all STE businesses
● Schedule work and employees to optimize production, sales, and rentals
● Assists in ensuring data system for tracking for customers and agencies
● Maintain quality control of all STE business products and productions
● Process cash, credit card, COD transactions submit to finance for deposits and enter data
into customer base
● Interact with other employees and customers in a polite, professional, and courteous
● Research, develop and implement marketing plan to include brochures, website,
tradeshows, and tribal events
● Order, install and maintain any needed equipment (contracting for assistance as
● Order supplies as necessary to keep all businesses operational
● Ensure the business work environment is clean and professional and safe for employees
and customers
● Process requests for rental, cash, credit card transactions and submit to STA Finance.
● Interact with other employees and customers in a polite, professional, and courteous
C. Meetings, STA Reporting and Professional Conduct
● Keep the Director informed via weekly individual meetings concerning work progress,
including present and potential problems and suggestions for new or improved ways of
addressing problems.
● Attend all-staff meetings, and events which may occur after hours or on weekends,
including but not limited to: Annual Meeting, Annual Picnic, Children’s Christmas
Party, and other events announced by Administration as a staff event.
● Provide monthly written reports to STE Director detailing activities during the reporting
● Acts as the Director in his/her absence
● Represent Sitka Tribe of Alaska and maintain positive relations with other tribal, state,
federal and local governments, public agencies, Tribal Citizens, the public, and the
● Treat STA Council, staff, Tribal Citizens, and the public in a respectful manner.
● Perform other duties as assigned.
A. Education
● Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
● Associates Degree and three years equivalent work experience
B. Experience
● Experience managing people, being the primary individual responsible for a program
budget or operating a small business.


204 Siganaka Way, Sitka, AK, 99835

Listing Closing Date

04 / 01 / 2023


You may email job application to [email protected]