Operations Director at Anchorage Downtown Partnership

Essential Duties and Responsibilities In collaboration with the Executive Director and Operations Team, this important member of the ADP team will be responsible for: Operations & Oversight ▪ Manage all daily operations that take place within the Operations Department. ▪ Increase the efficiency of the Operations Department. ▪ Plan operational goals, through collaboration with Executive Director and implement these goals. ▪ Monitor all operations budgets. ▪ Create a system to review and replace outdated equipment and present a plan to the Executive Director before the yearly budget cycle. ▪ Give weekly progress reports to the Executive Director ▪ Secure and manage contracts with vendors specific to the operations department. Supervision ▪ Recruit, retain, recognize and evaluate qualified operations staff and address corrective action issues as needed. ▪ Ensure adequate staffing for the Operations Department to provide full coverage on all shifts and create a weekly schedule that reflects this coverage. ▪ Work closely with the supervisory personnel and employees, know the capabilities of each individual. ▪ Confirm all ADP’s employees are onboarded through a comprehensive training program and it is documented. ▪ Oversee and manage ADP’s operational controls, safety, and training processes. ▪ Ensure all ADP employees receive consistent and targeted training throughout the year. ▪ Solve disputes that arise between employees or departments and make sure the daily work is not impacted. ▪ Manage corrective action processes within the Operations Department. ▪ Manage and oversee ADP’s Mentoring Program including documentation. Safety ▪ Establish and promote a culture of safety for ADP operations including aligning communication, action, and decisions with ADPs priority to provide a clean and safe downtown Anchorage. ▪ Investigate all accidents, incidents, a high potential near misses, ensure adequate preventative measures are implemented to prevent similar reoccurrence, ensure all employees are briefed and retrained. ▪ Perform a minimum of six operational safety inspections per year, and document per the safety manual.

Job Location: 750 W 2nd Ave Suite 100 Anchorage Alaska 99501
Application Dates: 2021-08-25 – 2022-01-01
Contact: Julie Jokinen, jjokinen@anchoragedowntown.org
Submission Instructions: 

Job Details

The Position: Operations Director
Anchorage Downtown Partnership Ltd. (ADP) seeks a qualified Operations Director to ensure the smooth operation of the daily happenings in the Operations Department. The Operations Director directs and oversees all operations typically through supervisors and team leaders. The Operations Director leads the design and operational policies, objectives, initiatives and manages several infrastructure elements and responsibilities including risk management, budget, training, and securing additional contracts. The Operations Director evaluates current and proposed operational systems and procedures and implements changes as necessary. The ideal candidate has management experience, is adaptable to change, and has a strong commitment to a culture of safety. Successfully complete other duties as assigned.


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