Outdoor Recreation Planner

The position of Outdoor Recreation Planner will be employed by Alaska Trails and will work collaboratively with the Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program (RTCA), Alaska State Parks, and Alaska Trails. The purpose of this position is to perform a variety of program and project duties associated with the update of the Alaska Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP), now in progress. The main objective of the position is to continue assisting State Division of Parks in setting up the overall process and the specific tasks, products, and schedule needed to create a high value SCORP. The position is temporary and will last through 2022.

Job Location: Anchorage, AK
Application Dates: 2021-11-15 – 2021-11-30
Contact: Steve Cleary, Executive Director, steve.cleary@alaska-trails.org
Submission Instructions: 

Job Details

[70%] Develops and coordinates planning processes, in cooperation with state or
affiliated units, other federal and state agencies, local community representatives and other
stakeholders, which will lead to the establishment of regional and statewide strategies for outdoor
recreation. Includes, as needed:
• Take a primary role in organizing and supporting progress on SCORP regional chapters, helping
the identified regional facilitators to further develop and refine the chapters.
• Take the lead regional facilitator role in specific locations, currently including Anchorage, the
Kenai Peninsula and rural Alaska
• Continue to help organize meetings and guide discussion of the Statewide Advisory Group
(SWAG); continue with the lead role on Funding section.
• Writes and edits sections of the SCORP from input of core planning groups and the public.
• Assist the Division of Parks with the drafting of the full final SCORP.
• Conducts workshops and trainings, and organizes and facilitates meetings both in-person
and virtually for audiences with a wide range of subject knowledge and experience.
• Writes and/or coordinates the production of project reports, correspondence and briefing
materials related to significant project issues, controversies, or milestones.


[20%] Helps organize and implement the research and public engagement and review process, including
surveys, mobile data, and distribution and review of the draft SCORP
• Supports the State Division of Parks in structuring survey and data analysis methodology and
process to provide robust research data for the SCORP.
• Works with survey and mobile data analysis contract companies to develop research methods for
analyzing outdoor recreation supply and demand in Alaska.
• Works with the media and develops a network of key resource professionals, program
providers, government officials, interest groups and other stakeholders to
encourage participation in the planning process and develop support for its outcomes.

[10%] Performs other tasks and duties as assigned.


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