Glacier Hiking & Ice Climbing guide summer season

Ascending Path is a mom & pop ecotourism summer day adventure company based in Girdwood, Alaska operating since 1995. We are hiring leaders for Glacier Hiking & Ice Climbing guide positions for the summer season. These positions are for full or part time seasonal work based out of Girdwood, Alaska.

Prep, lead and guide Ice climbing and Spencer Glacier Hikes from Girdwood, Alaska via the Alaska Railroad train to Spencer Whistle Stop and/or prep and guide helicopter ice climbing and glacier hikes from Girdwood.

Ascending Path Guide Service

Job Location: Girdwood, Alaska
Application Dates: 16-Jan-2019 to 30-Apr-2019
Contact: Operations,  [email protected]
Submission Instructions: Please email us your resume and cover letter

Job Details

Duties: - Attend guides orientation and training in May - Be personable, friendly, savvy, proactive, responsible, knowledgeable, empathetic and considerate. - Be professional, on time, clean, sober, prepared, enthusiastic, and wearing AP logo wear. - Attend morning meetings - Properly fit, distribute and manage gear for clients prior to and/or during the trip as necessary. For train based glacier guiding trips: -kayak safety briefings -Teach and instruct sea kayaking skills from novice to experienced clients -Teach sea kayaking safety and rescue procedures from novice to experienced clients on land and in the water -in field knowledge to read weather, lake water and tide water glacier conditions to make safe guiding choices and management of clients in the field during changes from optimal to suboptimal conditions Glacier hiking guiding: -Teach ice glacier travel, crampon technique, and glacier safety from novice to experienced clients. -Manage clients in glacier terrain based on their skills and abilities allow. Pace the trip accordingly. - Glacier route & features selection Ice climbing guiding -Teach ice climbing and glacier travel, crampon & ice axe techniques, ice climbing and glacier safety from novice to experienced clients. - Manage clients in glacier terrain based on their skills and abilities allow. Pace the trip accordingly. -Glacier ice climbing route & features selection For Helicopter based glacier guiding trips: -Teach and manage clients for heli glacier hiking and/or heli ice climbing trips. -Knowledge to teach helicopter safety briefing from novice to experienced clients. -Manage & instruct clients at helipad and on glacier in and around helicopters. -Knowledge of glacier LZ’s and how to select and manage glacier features for optimal LZ’s -naturalist knowledge to teach about flora, fauna, & natural history of Girdwood, the Turnagain arm, Spencer Whistle Stop and Spencer Glacier -Glaciology, climate change and geology knowledge -work independently as a solo guide and as a co-guide for larger groups -listen to and take direction from management and colleagues -work collaboratively on a daily basis with reservations and operations departments -work long hard hours and maintain psyche for the cool job and environment you work in -prioritize self care and rest when not working to prevent burnout -pre & post trip paperwork -pre & post trip food & gear management and maintenance -shuttle driving clients from Girdwood to Portage and Girdwood train depots via the Seward Highway in Ascending Path commercial Sprinter vans -teach LNT and bear safety ethics -requires a WFR -problem solve people management/movement, vehicles and gear in a remote location without many resources -relate and public speak/teach to all ages, skill levels and demographics -Meet and greet all clients at the prescribed meeting time and place to give a trip overview and inspect clients’ clothing and preparedness. -read client readiness, abilities and group dynamics to lead a trip that is suitable for all skill levels -Punctuality & responsibility for all company assignments -Abide by Land Management stipulations and regulations. -Abide by all set transportation laws and safety guidelines while guiding in or near roads, trains and helicopters. -Knowledgeable of Ascending Path’s emergency/evac plan. -Be familiar and proficient with the internet, e-mails, and all work-related phone apps. -Know their schedules as outlined by management and stick to them. -Assist in the cleaning/maintenance of all facilities, vehicles, and equipment/gear when not guiding (or on day off) and as needed. -If necessary, you will greet and unload our helicopters at the Alyeska Helipad. -Other duties as assigned


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