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Watch ATIA's February Coffee Chat Now 23-Jan-2019

View ATI'A's new informal monthly interactive webinar series. Future topics & speakers are on ATIA's Calendar of Events. 

Alaska Cooperative Marketing Program 09-Jan-2019

Seatrade,, Facebook hosting and more!

Travel Alaska Cooperative Marketing Program E-news 13-Dec-2018

Don't miss these upcoming advertising and travel trade opportunities!

Travel Alaska Cooperative Marketing Opportunities 14-Nov-2018

Check out the latest Travel Alaska cooperative marketing opportunities and Travel Trade updates!

ATIA Convention - Register Now 24-Sep-2018

It's not too late! Register today for ATIA's Annual Convention, the Great Escape!

Alaska Cooperative Marketing Program E-news 22-Aug-2018

Vacation Planner, 360 views, and more!

ATIA Member E-News 17-Aug-2018

Board Elections, E-voting, Convention Updates, and more...

Alaska Cooperative Marketing Program E-news 09-Aug-2018

2019 Official State Vacation Planner, Travel Trade Events, and more...

ATIA Member E-News 02-Aug-2018

Message from the President, Convention Deadlines, Issues of Interest, and more

Alaska Cooperative Marketing Program E-News 25-Jul-2018

Vacation Planner, Media Networking, and more...

Alaska Cooperative Marketing E-News 12-Jul-2018

Travel Trade, Hot Deals, and more!