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Video Tutorials

General Content Management System (CMS) training videos

Login into


and click on “APPS” from the left-hand admin menu for basic video tutorials on the Business Catalyst CMS.


Custom CMS Video Tutorials



Emma Training Resources



Photo Dimensions


    • Home Page Hero Slider: 346 pixels wide by 550 pixels tall
    • Home Page Ad: 300 x 250 pixels
    • Home Page/Blog Feature Image: 683 x 260 pixels
    • Inner Page Feature Images: 623 x 250 pixels
    • Staff Photos:112 x 112 pixels
    • Sidebar Tabs: 102 x 87 pixels (convention news) or 230 x 87 pixels (marketing)


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New Alaska Cooperative Marketing Opportunities are Now Available

There are a variety of options for your business or organization to leverage Alaska’s national marketing campaign to reach highly qualified potential visitors. See what’s available on the Coop Marketing Programs page.