2022 ATIA State Legislative Candidate Survey

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The Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA), the leading statewide membership and trade association for Alaska’s travel industry, represents over 600 businesses across the state. ATIA is the state’s foremost voice on issues related to travel and tourism. ATIA also manages the state’s destination marketing program, Travel Alaska.

As a candidate for Alaska’s Legislature, we are interested in your position on issues that impact our industry. We hope you will take a moment to read the information below and respond to our survey questions. This survey is being sent to all candidates for Alaska’s Legislature, and the results will be shared through ATIA E-newsletters, here on ATIA’s website, and through social media to educate our many business members and partners located in every region and many communities throughout the state. Questions? Please contact Jeff Samuels at JSamuels@alaskatia.org. Thank you!

Candidate Questions

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Question 1

Alaska’s tourism industry provides billions of dollars of economic activity and is on pace to recover from the devasting impacts of the past two years. With travelers returning to Alaska, visitor spending through various fees and taxes provides millions of dollars to city and borough budgets and the state’s general fund. Pre-pandemic, Alaska’s more than 2.4 million visitors (2019) spent $2.79 billion supporting communities and tourism businesses. Tourism promotion plays a key role in keeping Alaska top of mind for potential travelers. Alaska’s tourism businesses and communities rely on a strong and competitive statewide destination marketing program to reach travelers with the right messaging at the right time and at a scale that no one company or community can do on its own. Research shows when destinations do not invest in tourism promotion, they see reductions in visitation and visitor spending, along with market share. As destinations in the lower 48 continue to open and international restrictions ease, Alaska will be competing with destinations from around the world to capture that next traveler.

Question 2

Workforce development and affordable employee housing remain persistent challenges in the economic recovery for Alaska’s tourism businesses and many other sectors. The tourism industry though ATIA’s efforts, has partnered with tourism businesses, the University of Alaska system and the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOLWD) to find ways to address these challenges. Additionally, ATIA has created a workforce recruitment campaign which has been shared digitally and on social media across Alaska and the Lower 48 states.

Question 3

Infrastructure in Alaska has challenges and opportunities. Funding for highways, road and bridge projects, scenic byways, access to rural areas and recreational resources benefits tourism businesses. The recent passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure (BIF) legislation will impact Alaska with significant investments in airports, ports, ferries, roads, bridges, rail, broadband, water and wastewater, energy and natural resources and tribal lands – all areas and important infrastructure which benefit and lead to a stronger and more resilient tourism industry.


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