Board of Directors

The Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA) is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors. The ATIA Board guides the Association’s priorities as the state’s leading nonprofit membership association for the Alaska travel industry. The Board of Directors approves ATIA’s annual budge and takes action on issues important to tourism businesses and partners.

ATIA holds Board elections annually. The ATIA Board is made up of members representing small and large tourism businesses and different sectors of the travel industry. The ATIA Board is also comprised of regional representatives, including elected directors from the Far North, Interior, Southwest, Southcentral, and Southeast regions of the state. Directors also are elected to At-Large (statewide) and Outside seats.

Five seat are up for election this fall: At-large, Interior, Outside, Southcentral, and Southeast. All terms are 3-year terms, unless otherwise noted. If you would like to declair your candidacy for ATIA Board elections, submit your declaration of candidacy form, along with a 150-word candidate statement and photo, to Sarah Leonard, President & CEO, by August 15, 2018.

2017-2018 Board of Directors 


Board Chair
Dennis McDonnell, Alaska Coach Tours - SOUTHEAST (E* - exp 20)

Vice Chair
Elizabeth Hall, John Hall's Alaska Cruises & Tours - AT-LARGE (E - exp 20)

Secretary/Membership Chair
Kory Eberhardt, A Taste of Alaska Lodge - INTERIOR (E - exp 20)

Treasurer/Finance Chair -
Bill Pedlar, Knightly Tours - OUTSIDE (E - exp 18)

Tourism Policy & Planning Co-Chairs
Dan Oberlatz, Alaska Alpine Adventures, LLC - SOUTHWEST (E - exp 19)
Patti Mackey, Ketchikan Visitors Bureau - SOUTHEAST (E - exp 18)

Government Relations Co-Chairs
Colleen Stephens, Stan Stephens Glacier & Wildlife Cruises - AT-LARGE (E - exp 18)
Carol Fraser, Aspen Hotels - APPOINTEE (Appt - exp 18)

Marketing Chair
Scott Habberstad, Alaska Airlines - OUTSIDE (E - exp 19)

ATIA President & CEO
Sarah Leonard, EX-OFFICIO


John Binkley, CLIA/Alaska Cruise Association, Riverboat Discovery - AT-LARGE (E - exp 19)
Brett Carlson, Northern Alaska Tour Company - FAR NORTH (E - exp 20)
Deborah Hansen, Pike's Waterfront Lodge - INTERIOR (E - exp 19)
Deb Hickok, Explore Fairbanks - INTERIOR (E - exp 18)
Kirk Hoessle, Alaska Wildland Adventures - AT LARGE (E - exp 20)
Josh Howes, Premier Alaska Tours (Appt - exp 18)
Holly Johnson, Wings Airways & Taku Glacier Lodge - SOUTHEAST (E - exp 19)
Dave McGlothlin, Holland America Group - OUTSIDE (E - exp 20)
Bonnie Quill, Mat-Su Convention & Visitors Bureau - SOUTHCENTRAL (E - exp 20)
Julie Saupe, Visit Anchorage - SOUTHCENTRAL (E - exp 19)
Linda Springmann, Holland America Line - OUTSIDE (E - exp 19)


Adam Baldwin, Anchorage Museum (Appt** - exp 18)
Dan Blanchard, UnCruise Adventures (Appt - exp 18)
Jamey Cagle, Allen Marine Tours (Appt - exp 18)

*E = Member-Elected
**Appt = Board-Elected Appointed