Board of Directors

The Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA) is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors. The ATIA Board guides the Association’s priorities as the state’s leading nonprofit membership association for the Alaska travel industry. The Board of Directors approves ATIA’s annual budget and takes action on issues important to tourism businesses and partners.

ATIA holds Board elections annually. The ATIA Board is made up of members representing small and large tourism businesses and different sectors of the travel industry. The ATIA Board is also comprised of regional representatives, including elected directors from the Far North, Interior, Southwest, Southcentral, and Southeast regions of the state. Directors also are elected to At-Large (statewide) and Outside seats.

2015-2016 Board Elections

The official ballots and voting information for the 2015-2016 ATIA Board of Directors Election were mailed on Monday, August 31, 2015. Keep an eye out for your voting packet to arrive. Only current ATIA members are able to vote in the election and in order for your vote to be counted:

  • Your ballot MUST BE RECEIVED by mail, delivery service or in person at the ATIA office at 610 E. 5th Avenue, Suite 200, Anchorage, AK 99501, by 5pm on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

  • Your ballot CANNOT be sent by fax or email. These ballots will not be accepted or counted.

To learn more about the ATIA members running in the 2015-2016 ATIA Board of Director election, visit the 2015-2016 Candidate page. If you have not received a voting packet, please contact Jillian Simpson.

2014-2015 Board of Directors 


Board Chair - Scott Habberstad, Alaska Airlines - OUTSIDE (E - exp 16)
Vice Chair - Colleen Stephens, Stan Stephens Glacier & Wildlife
Cruises - AT-LARGE (E - exp 15)
Past Chair - Julie Saupe, Visit Anchorage - SOUTHCENTRAL (E - exp 16)
Secretary/Membership Chair - Bonnie Quill, Mat-Su Convention & Visitors
Bureau - SOUTHCENTRAL (E - exp 17)
Treasurer/Finance Chair - Charlie Ball, Holland America – Princess Alaska
Yukon - OUTSIDE (E - exp 17)
Tourism & Policy Planning Chair - Deb Hickok, Explore Fairbanks - INTERIOR (E - exp 15)
Government Relations Co-Chair - Bill Pedlar, Knightly Tours - OUTSIDE (E - exp 15)
Government Relations Co-Chair - Dennis McDonnell, Alaska Coach
Tours - SOUTHEAST (E - exp 17)
Marketing Chair - Patti Mackey, Ketchikan Visitors Bureau - SOUTHEAST (E - exp 15)
ATIA President & CEO - Sarah Leonard, EX-OFFICIO


Kirk Hoessle, Alaska Wildland Adventures - AT LARGE (E - exp 17)
John Binkley, CLIA/Alaska Cruise Association - AT LARGE (E - exp 16)
Brett Carlson, Northern Alaska Tour Company - FAR NORTH (E - exp 17)
Kory Eberhardt, A Taste of Alaska Lodge - INTERIOR (E - exp 17)
Paul Goodwin, Holland America Line - OUTSIDE (E - exp 16)
Peter Grunwaldt, Premier Alaska Tours - SOUTHCENTRAL (E - exp 15)
Elizabeth Hall, John Hall's Alaska Cruises & Tours - AT LARGE (E - exp 17)
Deborah Hansen, Pike's Waterfront Lodge - INTERIOR (E - exp 16)
Dan Oberlatz, Alaska Alpine Adventures, LLC - SOUTHWEST (E - exp 16)
Tim McDonnell, TEMSCO Helicopters, Inc. - SOUTHEAST (E - exp 16)


Shanon Hamrick, Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council (Appt - exp 16)
Thom McAleer, Alaska Denali Travel (Appt - exp 16)
Karen Harris, Bed& Breakfast Association of Alaska (Appt - exp 16)
Ken Dole, Waterfall Resort (Appt - exp 16)