Mission, Vision, & Guiding Principles


The Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA) will be the leading industry organization promoting Alaska as a top visitor destination, communicating and promoting the Alaskan tourism industry as one of the state’s major economic forces, and will be the respected voice of the industry for the growth of the industry, while remaining stewards of the state’s natural resources, cultures, and Alaska’s unique quality of life.

Purpose: Advocate. Promote. Inspire.
Core Values: Community. Leadership. Integrity. Positive Force. Resilient. Respectful. Stewardship.
Principle: Every member’s voice is heard.


  • Alaska is recognized as a world-class visitor destination where year-round tourism is treated as an important, sustainable opportunity for economic and resource development.
  • Alaska is recognized as one of the top 10 world destinations.
  • As a recognized and leading industry for Alaska, tourism is a year-round experience with opportunities to engage in natural and cultural connections in urban and rural Alaska and in large and small-scale options.
  • ATIA is a recognizable and respected steward of the state’s tourism marketing investment and highlights our positive role as an economic driver in Alaska for Alaskans.

    Guiding Principles

    ATIA Will:

    • Promote and facilitate travel to and throughout the State of Alaska.
    • Provide a broad-based association of individuals and companies with an interest in the visitor industry in Alaska.
    • Encourage the increase and improvement of quality visitor facilities, services and attractions throughout Alaska.
    • Lead private sector efforts to assure a robust and broad-based statewide tourism marketing plan.
    • Increase awareness of the economic importance of the visitor industry.
    • Develop and implement programs beneficial to travel suppliers and supporting industries.
    • Initiate and cooperate with local, state and federal entities in developing and implementing programs, policies and legislation that are responsive to the needs of the industry and to intervene in those issues and initiatives that would directly affect the facilitation and promotion of travel to and within Alaska.
    • Work cooperatively with the public sector on tourism development and long-range planning.

    ATIA Members Will:

    • Maintain the highest standards of business conduct by using only legal and ethical means in all business activity guided by truth, accuracy, honesty, fairness and integrity.
    • Conduct all business dealings in a civil, courteous and professional manner and not engage in any act or omission of a dishonest, deceitful or fraudulent nature in the conduct of business activities.
    • Abide by all applicable federal, state and local laws and maintain all necessary insurance, licenses and permits.
    • Be truthful in all advertising and informative materials (print, electronic media, television, radio or otherwise) and ensure such materials do not contain false, misleading or incomplete information.
    • Be current on all financial and operational matters in order to competently deliver a quality visitor experience and maintain a high-level of customer service.
    • Strive to be good stewards of Alaska’s environment, cultural heritage and unique quality of life.
    • Represent Alaska, Alaska tourism and ATIA to visitors, businesses and other stakeholders to aid in the advancement of the visitor industry and to grow the awareness of the economic impact of tourism within the community.
    • Be fair and respectful to employer(s), employees, associates, competitors, visitors, the public, and all business or professional relationships.

    ATIA members should raise and maintain the levels of professional conduct within the Alaska travel industry. The use of the ATIA logo represents a member’s agreement to these Guiding Principles of professionalism and integrity in Alaska’s travel industry. It is the responsibility of all members of ATIA to report any suspected violations of the code of ethics to ATIA to facilitate an investigation of any alleged misconduct.

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