ATIA Members at ATIA Convention

ATIA Membership

The Alaska Travel Industry Association is the state’s leading industry organization for travel-related businesses and supporters. Made up of about 600 members representing businesses both large and small across the state, ATIA works to increase the economic impact of tourism in Alaska and is the respected voice of the industry, advocating on behalf of our members on issues impacting businesses and communities.

The most important part of ATIA is you, our members! One of our goals is to provide resources and tools to assist in the growth and support of your business or organization such as educational opportunities, job openings within the Alaska tourism industry, networking and educational events, and many other resources to aid in the development of your business or organization. Learn more about Membership Benefits and how you can become a member today!

Our Membership Voice

ATIA is only as strong as participation from our membership. Our voice includes ATIA’s membership, partners, and other individuals supporting a healthy tourism industry in Alaska and acting as our own “travel ambassadors." ATIA member voices play an important role in highlighting the economic benefits of the travel industry to the state, communities, and Alaskans. We are proud to set the standard in sharing stories, growing businesses, hiring Alaskans, learning from others, and exploring new places. As travel ambassadors, ATIA members help share our state by providing quality experiences to the millions of visitors who come to Alaska from all over the world.

ATIA Member Testimonials

"We value our ATIA membership for many reasons, particularly the resources for small businesses, and the marketing options that meet our budget. We really appreciate Convention and the opportunity to network, connect with other operators on trends, and participate in the annual membership meeting. I am especially proud of the ATIA Foundation and the amount of money given every year in scholarships and the energy the Foundation has committed to put in to professional development - which will have immediate impact on our industry. It is one of my greatest pleasures to sit on the foundation board."
   - Kelly Bender, Lazy Otter Charters

"Without ATIA, it would be virtually impossible for me to make connections with so many destination marketing organizations, businesses, and owners across our immense state. Because of ATIA and the ATIA Annual Convention & Trade Show, I now know businesses in the tourism industry from Utqiagvik to Ketchikan which I can recommend to my guests, and they do the same in return for my business." 
   - Stephanie Millane, Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking

"ATIA promotes cultural tourism across the state which provides opportunity for Alaska Natives to perpetuate culture and share Alaska’s unique history while stimulating our economies. ATIA serves as the destination marketing organization networking with national and international tourism entities in a way our tribes could not do alone."
   - Camille Ferguson, Sitka Tribe of Alaska

"ATIA is a powerhouse in delivering awareness to people that may visit both Alaska and my tour operation, Go Hike Alaska. Their well-spent marketing dollars have greatly improved the Travel Alaska brand, which regularly features services like ours to millions of worldwide viewers on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube."
   - Matt Worden, Go Hike Alaska

"The conventions have allowed us to network with companies that we now partner with. We attended the media roadshow last year and found it to be very beneficial for marketing and also for networking with other Alaskans and travel writers."
   - Paige Drobny & Cody Strathe, Squid Acres Kennel & Susitna Adventure Lodge

"The advocacy efforts, networking opportunities, Travel Alaska website direct traffic, annual ATIA convention, and much more are hugely beneficial to my business. I have been a member of ATIA for over 10 years, and the partnerships and connections that I have made over the last decade have helped my tourism business double in size over the last decade. The Adventure Green Alaska program has also been a great effort of ATIA that we have been committed to. ATIA is the leading tourism organization in Alaska and one that I strongly recommend all tourism-based businesses join."
   - Ari Stiassny, Chugach Adventures


Become a Member

Becoming a member of ATIA opens opportunities to benefit and grow your business or organization and strengthens the industry as a whole. Tourism is a top economic force for Alaska and by joining the broad-based membership of ATIA, you help ensure our industry continues to generate jobs and revenue while providing a thriving future for Alaska.