Digital Co-Op Marketing Programs

Purchase any of the below Travel Alaska digital marketing programs through the Travel Alaska partner admin or by clicking the "buy now" button at the bottom of the page. Questions? Contact the ATIA sales team. Review our Co-Op Marketing Programs Flyer for additional details. Website Advertising

Profile Ads

Make a lasting impression with a profile ad on the state’s official travel planning website. These dynamic ads appear on category page grid listings throughout the website and open to a company landing page. 
Pricing: for one year
Standard Ad: One free per ATIA member, $100 for non-ATIA members
Featured Ad: $300 for ATIA members; $400 for non-ATIA members

Travel Specials

Visitors are always looking for a deal, and the Travel Specials page is one of the most viewed pages on Ads link over to an expanded landing page, and partners get a “Travel Deal” icon next to their profile ad. Specials are also featured in the monthly Hottest Deals E-Newsletter, which is sent to our highly-engaged Travel Alaska audience of over 500,000 subscribers the fourth Thursday of the month.
Pricing: $250 for 30 days
Deadline (Order & Assets): 20th of each month

Banner Ads

Catch the eye of users with a custom banner ad. Drive traffic to your own site during the user’s trip planning window. Ads run on most pages of the site including the homepage. Ads are Run-of-Site (ROS) and offered on a cost-per thousand (CPM) basis. The campaign must be a minimum of 30 days and 100,000 impressions.
100,000 impressions = $1,000
250,000 impressions = $2,500
500,000 impressions = $5,000
800,000 impressions = $8,000

Integrated Ads

Integrated Ads (Related Content & Editorial) are designed to look like organic content on the website. These ads are designed to match the format and function of the website, driving strong engagement with consumers and linking directly to the partner’s website. Ads are run of site, including the homepage.
Pricing: $1,700 for 90 days

Sponsored Content

Content is king! Promote your destination, attractions, accommodation or events in the context-rich environment of Travel Alaska’s site. Your article will be featured for one month, supported by targeted ads to ensure added exposure. After the featured month, articles will continue to live on the website indefinitely.
Available Spots: 2 per month
Deadline: 15th of the month prior to launch (1st of the month)
Pricing: $1,000 

Travel Alaska Digital Advertising

Opt-In Leads

Gain exposure in front of our most qualified audience and grow your opt-in database with our lead generation program. When site visitors sign up to receive the Travel Alaska print or digital Vacation Planner, they can request to receive information directly from you. Upon requesting info from you, visitors receive an immediate, auto-generated email written by you. You receive electronic leads on a weekly basis and can be accessed through Partner Admin. Leads can be used for your email database and/or mailing lists.
Pricing: $750 for 30 days

Consumer Leads

Travel Alaska’s national advertising program generates thousands of requests for Alaska travel information every year. These qualified leads are available to partners for one-time use in either a direct mail or email campaign. Lists can be segmented by demographics, travel intent, or interest.
Pricing: $0.45 per lead (new order); $0.15 per lead (reuse prior order)

Monthly E-Newsletter Banner Ads

Reach an engaged and active travel-planning audience with a banner ad in the monthly e-newsletter. Every month over 500,000 opt-in subscribers are inspired with rich content showcasing travel tips, itineraries, and things to see and do in Alaska.
Spots Available: 2 per month, first-come, first serve
Pricing: Primary: $1,000; Secondary: $750

Custom Dedicated Email

Reach our highly engaged database of over 500,000 opt-in subscribers with 100% share of voice, driving clicks to your website. Emails are sent out in a branded template on your behalf focusing solely on your destination, business, or event. Choose from two different templates.
Spots Available: 2 per month, first-come, first serve
Pricing: $2,500
Deadline: 7 days prior to send (deploys 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month)

Digital Retargeting

Take advantage of Travel Alaska’s first-party data with premium digital placements engaging users who have previously visited and retargeting them with your meaningful messaging encouraging them to visit and book.
Pricing: Display Banner Ad: $1,750; Native Ad: $3,000

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