The Alaska Travel Industry Association promotes growth of the tourism industry, marketing Alaska as a premier tourism destination. As the recipient of a State of Alaska grant for statewide destination marketing, we share our beautiful state with the world through inspiring advertising, creative online content and social media, compelling earned media stories, printed materials, and personal interactions with other tourism professionals. It’s this type of comprehensive marketing program that keeps Alaska in the minds of potential travelers.

In 2020, ATIA received $7.42 million from the State of Alaska for destination marketing. This, leveraged by $1.7 million in cooperative marketing program sales, allows Alaska’s statewide destination marketing program to build brand awareness, identify high-target potential visitors, provide meaningful materials to support all phases of vacation planning, promote varied and year-round adventure opportunities, and grow relationships with businesses and partners across the world.  

Alaska promises euphoric experiences, wild beauty, a refreshing sense of realness. It is like nothing you’ve ever experienced, yet there’s a comfort and familiarity to it that makes you feel like it’s where you’ve always belonged. Alaska is the home you never knew you had.

The Travel Alaska statewide destination marketing program promotes this experience, inspring potential visitors to come and explore the Last Frontier and make memories to last a lifetime.

Alaska – it’s waiting for you.

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New Alaska Cooperative Marketing Opportunities are Now Available

There are a variety of options for your business or organization to leverage Alaska’s national marketing campaign to reach highly qualified potential visitors. See what’s available on the Coop Marketing Programs page.