Event type: National Marketing
Location: Direct mail / Email Consumer Leads
Date: Year-Round

Travel Alaska Consumer Leads Program

Travel Alaska’s national advertising program generates hundreds of thousands of requests for Alaska travel information every year. These qualified leads are available to partners for one-time use in either a direct mail or email campaign. Lists can be segmented by demographics, travel intent or interest. Travel Alaska consumer leads are available for any business or organization promoting Alaska travel.

How This Program Works:
Determine your budget and/or the quantity of leads you would like to purchase. Narrow your selection by specifying demographic information. Direct mail leads will be emailed to you through a CSV file. You will choose the design and message of your email and the leads email will be distributed on your behalf by ATIA. If you choose a repeating order (weekly, monthly, etc.), lists will be generated until instructed to stop or until the maximum quantity ordered is reached. The most recent Travel Alaska consumer leads will automatically be generated, unless you request otherwise. Please note that names are for one-time use per order.

Co-op Pricing:
Direct mail leads are charged for the number of actual leads sent to the customer. Email leads are charged for the number of emails delivered to the potential customers.

New Select Order:
you select demographic, stated travel interest, and source criteria
Re-use Select Order:
repeat broadcast to the same email list or previous direct mail list

Conditions of Use:

  1. Consumer leads rented under this program list may only be used to promote an Alaska tourism product or service.
  2. A reuse order list only be used twice per month and six times per program year.
  3. Rates are for a single product broadcast, determined by a single response address/reservation number. Non-profit Destination Marketing Organizations are exempt from this condition.
  4. The Alaska Marketing Program mailing list from which you are renting names is generated from individual inquiries.
  5. All Travel Alaska Consumer Lead orders will be paid by credit card at the time of order. Or provide a credit card for auto-billing in the case of a repeating lead order.

For more information, read the Travel Alaska Consumer Leads FAQ Sheet.

Questions? Contact Skye Hostetler.
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Deadline to Register: Can purchased at any time
Cost to Participate: New lead orders $.35/lead
Reuse lead orders $.15/lead
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