Critical Infrastructure Projects

As the leading statewide organization for Alaska’s tourism industry, ATIA seeks to identify statewide or region-wide critical infrastructure and planning projects that support a strong and vibrant tourism industry. ATIA uses a weighted ranking process to identify critical projects and focus our advocacy efforts.

Any ATIA member may submit a project for consideration by ATIA’s Tourism Policy and Planning (TPP) Committee using the form below. For greatest effect, critical infrastructure and planning projects should be identified early in the review process, where ATIA involvement can make a difference in project decisions and outcomes.

The TPP reviews requests based on the following criteria:

  • ATIA and/or ATIA members can influence or have a role in the decision-making process as the project is in the early planning stages.
  • Project is supported by local ATIA members/chapter/DMMO.
  • Project is at a statewide or region-wide scale.
  • Project has been prioritized by state or federal lead agency and is supported by local or regional government.
  • Project supports multiple transportation modes or sectors of the tourism industry (e.g., cruise/rail, air/road, etc.)
  • Project supports travel mobility or congestion relief (e.g. at popular destinations).
  • Project has the potential to provide better visitor access to public lands or resources.
  • Project has the potential to support future tourism growth. A portion of project funding has been committed at some level, by public and/or private funding.
  • Project has the potential to benefit Alaska’s visitor industry statewide.
  • Projects recommended for ATIA involvement by the TPP will be submitted to the ATIA Board of Directors for final approval. 

For more information on ATIA’s Public Policy efforts or to follow up on a submitted project, contact ATIA.

Critical Infrastructure Project Submission Form

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