Event type: Digital Media
Location: TravelAlaska.com - Alaska's Official Travel Planning Website
Date: Year-Round

TravelAlaska.com travel special ads are available on TravelAlaska.com, Alaska’s official travel planning website, to any advertiser promoting tourism to/within the State of Alaska. Last year TravelAlaska.com had more than 2 million potential visitors access the website. If you have a discount or added value you would like to feature in front of potential visitors to Alaska, a TravelAlaska.com travel special ad is a great way to accomplish this. TravelAlaska.com travel specials include a captivating image, title, descriptive text, and hotlink back to the advertiser’s website. Travelers are always looking for a deal, and the Travel Specials page is one of the most viewed pages on the TravelAlaska.com.

TravelAlaska.com travel special ads are featured on every page of TravelAlaska.com, including the homepage, and advertisers receive a “View Special” icon next to their TravelAlaska.com profile ad that takes the consumer directly to their TravelAlaska.com travel special ad.

TravelAlaska.com travel special ads are available in four categories: Accommodations, Activities, Packages and Transportation.

Want even more potential visitors to see your TravelAlaska.com travel special ad? Advertisers can highlight their current TravelAlaska.com Travel Special in a monthly edition of the Hottest Deals in the Coolest State e-newsletter. See Hottest Deals Newsletter for more information.

If you have questions or need help contact the ATIA Sales Team. Sign up today through your Travel Alaska Partner Admin .


  • To qualify for a travel special the advertiser must meet at least 1 of the following criteria:
    • Offer a discount to the consumer
    • Offer an added value to the consumer
  • Advertisers set the start date of the travel special and then chose how many increments of 30 they would like it to run live on TravelAlaska.com.
  • Advertisers can take down or edit a travel special at any time.
  • All travel special statistics (clicks and impressions) are available in the Travel Alaska Partner Admin.
  • Advertiser must have a website to be eligible for this program.
  • Advertiser must have an active TravelAlaska.com profile ad to be eligible for this program.


Deadline to Register: None - Travel Specials may be purchased at any time throughout the year
Cost to Participate: $50 per 30 days the TravelAlaska.com Travel Special Ad is live
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