Travel Special Ads

Event Type: Digital Media
Location: - Alaska's Official Travel Planning Website
Date: Year-Round

Travel Specials are available on , Alaska’s official travel planning website, to any advertiser promoting tourism to/within the State of Alaska. Last year more than 2 million potential visitors accessed the website. If you have a discount or added value you would like to feature in front of potential visitors to Alaska, a travel special on is a great way to accomplish this. travel specials include a captivating image, title, descriptive text, and hotlink back to the advertiser’s website. Travelers are always looking for a deal, and the Travel Specials page on is one of the most viewed pages on the website.

TravelAlaska.comTravel Specials are featured on every page of, including the homepage, and advertisers receive a "View Special" icon next to their Profile Ad that takes the consumer directly to their Travel Special Ad. Travel Specials Ads are available in four categories: Accommodations, Activities, Packages and Transportation.

Want even more potential visitors to see your Travel Special Ad? Advertisers can highlight their current Travel Special in a monthly edition of the Hottest Deals in the Coolest State e-newsletter. See Hottest Deals Newsletter for more information. 

If you have questions or need help contact the ATIA Sales Team. Sign up today through your Travel Alaska Partner Admin .


  • To qualify for a travel special the advertiser must meet at least 1 of the following criteria:

    • Offer a discount to the consumer

    • Offer an added value to the consumer

  • Advertisers set the start date of the travel special and then chose how many increments of 30 they would like it to run live on

  • Advertisers can take down or edit a travel special at any time during its time on

  • All travel special statistics (clicks and impressions) are available in the Travel Alaska Partner Admin.

  • Advertiser must have a website to be eligible for this program.

  • Advertiser must have an active profile ad to be eligible for this program.


Deadline to Register: None - Travel Specials may be purchased at any time throughout the year
Cost to Participate:
$50 per 30 days the Travel Special Ad is live

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