Family Assistance Foundation

ATIA is a partner of the Family Assistance Foundation (FAF) , an organization whose mission is to support and improve business and industry responses to emergencies and disasters.

ATIA hosted its fourth annual Family Assistance Foundation two-day training on April 17-18, 2019. Participants learned how to meet the logistical and practical needs of people involved in an accident or crisis, helping Alaska's travel industry respond during an emergency and successfully meet the needs of people affected by a crisis by knowing what to do, how to do it, and when.                         
The 2019 team joins more than 100 other ATIA member volunteers who have completed the training and are ready to respond to an Alaska-based crisis

Thank you to our sponsors: Alaska Railroad, John Hall's Alaska Tours, Alaska Coach Tours, Alaska Alpine Adventures, The Lakefront Anchorage 

FAF is a members-only training event.  

2019 Family Assistance Foundation Training Class, Anchorage, AK

“I had a guest suffer the loss of her husband while traveling in rural Alaska. This meant she would be alone in Anchorage trying to make arrangements while grieving and in shock and being miles from her family. These types of situations are a reality to some of our Alaska visitors. I am so relieved and pleased that we now have the resources of the Family Assistance Foundation available to us through ATIA. Especially for those of us offering Alaskan Experiences in rural Alaska, we now have peace of mind knowing we have a network of trained industry professionals to ensure our guests are taken care of in difficult times.”

Kelly Bender
Lazy Otter Charters
Whittier, AK

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