Kitchen Manager

Job Description


Responsible for the proper preparation and presentation of all food products at the Tramway restaurant, in a manner that contributes to guest satisfaction, a premier customer service atmosphere and smooth operations. Also, responsible for food costing, menu planning, and all food related duties.


Responsible for proper preparation and presentation of all food.
Cooks the most demanding menu items.
Performs the work of subordinates when necessary.
Researches, designs, and plans menus.
In collaboration with the Food & Beverage Manager and the General Manager, discusses and determines menu design and planning, including food costing.
Conducts weekly and monthly Inventories; determines produce needs before notifying the Manager of purchasing needs of produce, supplies, and food products.
Investigates food supply sources; negotiates prices related to purchases and completes related paperwork; verifies receipt of food products and supplies; manages to budget.
Assigns work to shift Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, and Dishwashers; constantly monitors the cooks’ preparation and cooking techniques and practices, checking the quality, quantity, and appearance of the menu items before they are “pushed out” of the kitchen; assists in scheduling staff during assigned shift and on a weekly basis; provides ongoing training and guidance to subordinates; trains and evaluates cooks and dishwashers, ensuring compliance with quality standards, efficiency and adequate staff coverage for all shifts.
Oversees kitchen staff compliance with sanitary standards on food handling and storage and space/equipment cleanliness; ensures readiness for health inspections; dates and checks food; exhibits and encourages proper hygiene and sanitary habits. Identifies kitchen maintenance needs and recommends alternative solutions.
Ability to work long flexible hours, the late shift and possibly a six-day workweek.
Participates in departmental manager meetings, advising peers on the status and problems of coordinating food preparation/presentation activities.
Provides assistance to other staff in order to develop teamwork and contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the restaurant operation in meeting its goals and objectives.
Performs other incidental and related duties as required and assigned.


Thorough knowledge of the practices and techniques of restaurant cooking, food presentation and storage, including seafood handling; all kitchen equipment and appliances; and sanitary food requirements/codes.
Excellent communication and customer service skills.
Ability to learn, understand, and follow oral and written instructions/directions.
Skill in operating personal computer utilizing a variety of computer software.
Thorough knowledge of state sanitary regulations and requirements, as well as standard practices and procedures related to food preparation and storage.
Skill in establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with other employees.
Ability to work directly with the public, providing information and assistance on a daily basis.
Ability/willingness to learn and pass on to passengers those areas of interest to visitors, such as local history, people, culture, geography, etc.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (education and experience)

High school diploma or equivalent, AND
Two years of chef or lead cook experience in a high volume, multi-unit environment.
Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) certification.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS (education and experience)

Culinary training from an accredited Culinary Institute.
Current CPR and first aid certificates, and fire prevention training; drug testing may be required.


Standard kitchen environment as part of an aerial tramway and lift operation at a 1800 ft. elevation; constant movement in narrow/confined work spaces and a hot, noisy environment; prolonged standing for extended periods of time; physical strength to periodically move up to 80 lbs. The Tram is a non-smoking facility with designated outside smoking areas.


Juneau, AK,

Listing Closing Date

02 / 18 / 2023