Station Agent

Job Description

To perform duties related to serving the traveling public including ticketing, baggage service and selling tour packages.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Acts as liaison between personnel, vendors, hotels, cruise operators, and other transportation services regarding traffic flow and baggage handling issues. Resolves problems regarding lost or damaged bags, keeps an inventory control of all revenue baggage checks.
Represents the railroad as point of contact between Railroad and public, passengers, tour operators, and hotels in respective area. Resolves problems with customers, vendors, and on-board sales. Assists with boarding problems and issues.
Loads/unloads, stows, and delivers baggage to and from trains using a fork lift. Operates ARRC vehicles (sedans, pickup trucks) requiring a valid driver’s license.
Responsible for all general housekeeping and maintenance of building and grounds. Ensures property is clean and in orderly condition.
Performs, as needed, the passenger service duties of ticket and tour package sales, telephone sales, and other passenger service marketing tasks. Uses a computerized reservation system to sell tickets and make seat assignments.
Maintains control, ensures adequate supplies, and maintains current records of all ticket stock, monies, and other forms utilized in station operations. Issues cash banks to ticket agents as needed. Makes change orders on a daily basis. Compiles report of business transactions on a daily basis.
Develops work schedule for employees to ensure adequate service to customers, tour agencies, hotels, cruise operators, and the general public. Monitors performance standards; trains and coaches employees on safety standards and operating procedures; and notifies supervisor of any strengths or weaknesses in work methods. Conducts weekly safety meetings.


372 W. Ship Creek Ave, Anchorage, AK, 99505

Contact Info

Wink Hinkley
[email protected]

Listing Closing Date

04 / 30 / 2024


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