Office Operations Manager

Job Description

If you are looking for an interesting, flexible, awe-inspiring job with a small tour operator based out of Anchorage, this partially work from home opportunity is waiting for you!

Infinite Adventures is a small, family-owned adventure company offering camping/overland trips in Alaska in a converted school bus. We are looking for an operations / office manager part time who loves / is experienced in the outdoor industry.

Starting Date: Jun 1, 2024
Part time: this is a part time position (15-20 hours/week) with the potential to evolve into a full time, year round ops/office manager position
Salary: between $24-$28/hour DOE to start, up for negotiation after 6 months

What’s in it for you?
- Flexible work from home/remote work combined with some hours in our office based in Anchorage/AK especially during the summer month. In the winter month work can be completely remote from anywhere in the world
- Work with a small organization that is still growing and help shape the logistics and work dynamics of Infinite Adventures
- Independent and goal orientated work
- Flexible hours most days (apart from a few days in the summer and some online meetings)

Job Description
This is a year round, part time salary position with the possibility to evolve into a full time year round ops/office manager position.
- Manage the logistics of our trips during the summer month. This includes but isn’t limited to negotiating rates with hotels and campsites, setting up dates, contracting, site inspections and assisting guides with any logistics during the summer months. This also includes keeping track of gear inventory, storage, managing logistics and maintenance of our vehicles and assisting guides with logistics in Anchorage during the summer months.
- Client communication on all things related to logistics of the trips: booking extra hotel nights, optional activities and any other concerns.
- Maintaining and updating Infinite Adventures website and other sites Infinite Adventures is affiliated with.
- Maintaining and further developing a training platform for guides along with assisting in the hiring process.
- Managing Infinite Adventures social media accounts.

Required Skills and Experience
- Excellent attention to detail as you will have to manage over 70-100 clients booking details, extra hotel nights and communicating those details to hotel(s), campsites and other vendors throughout Alaska
- 2-5 years experience in logistics and office management preferably in the outdoor industry
- Excellent customer service orientation
- Experience in basic website maintenance, the ability to train yourself in different online platforms and apps along with some experience in social media marketing
- The ability to work in a team environment and excellent communication skills. We will appreciate your independent work-style but need a clear and reliable communication style via email, whatsapp and online meetings
- Resourcefulness and common sense, the ability to use initiative while thinking on your feet in ever-changing and challenging conditions


854 E 36th Ave, Anchorage, AK, 99503

Listing Closing Date

06 / 30 / 2024


We strongly encourage women and minorities to apply! The requirements listed in our job description are guidelines, not hard and fast rules. If you have 75% of the qualifications listed above, we encourage you to apply. We strongly encourage applications from people who have a passion for the work and love to learn and grow. Please send your resume along with a cover letter stating why you would like to work with Infinite Adventures and what you think would be the biggest challenge for you in this position. All correspondence should be sent to nataliem We will not consider resumes without a cover letter.