Program Manager

Job Description

The Program Manager oversees all logistics of DEC’s Alaska-based learning vacation programs. They work closely in collaboration with all Directors and are an essential part of the DEC team. They schedule and coordinate all facets of each program itinerary, including meals, lodging, transportation, and activities. They work with vendors to set pricing/expectations and provide accurate participant information to our partners. They maintain participant records and communicate with participants and program group vendors pre- and post-program, as necessary. In the summer, the Program Manager hires, trains, schedules, and supervises the Program Coordinators and Group Leaders. During the winter, they help plan and prepare for the next summer season and beyond. The Program Manager generally works a 40-hour work week in the winter but typically works additional hours in the summer to fulfill staff training and program needs.


PO Box 212 , Denali National Park, AK, 99755

Contact Info

Keith Reimink
[email protected]

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Listing Closing Date

04 / 30 / 2024


To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to Program Director, Keith Reimink, at [email protected].