Supervisor, On Board Services

Job Description

Facilitates on the job training, direction, and motivation of Tour Guides, during classroom training, on field trips and while on-board trains and buses. Mentors, evaluates, and administers discipline that may result in termination of assigned employees. Reports performance of assigned employees to Manager, Onboard Services. Ensures all onboard staff meet ARRC service and performance expectations. Performs quality control function for on-board service related contracts including on-board food service and cleaning contracts. Ensures that contract employees meet ARRC service and performance expectations. Resolves customer and employee issues, and complaints regarding food service, passenger comfort and the overall passenger experience. Reports problems and issues to Manager, On-board Services.

Coordinates boarding and de-boarding process at Seward, Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali, and Fairbanks including loading, unloading, and assisting with all passenger needs including special needs (wheelchair lift, directions, and support). Walks through trains, interacting with passengers and providing information. Sells tickets on board, and manages accounting paperwork. Works with food service contractor providing passengers with menus and dining options and ensuring that passengers are fed in a timely manner. Makes decisions on how to make the dining experience more efficient. Manages lost and found items, coordinating with depots and managers to reconnect passengers with their items. Stocks and unstocks all trains with supplies, materials and equipment used on-board.

Performs daily janitorial and maintenance of passenger coaches while en route. Takes necessary action to correct deficiencies and reports problems. Assists with light troubleshooting, coach comfort (air/heat), and cycling of toilets. Inspects passenger trains daily for cleanliness and ensures supplies are stocked. Takes necessary action to correct deficiencies and reports problems with janitorial contractor to Manager, On-board Services. Assists train crews by allowing conductor to focus on train movement and other operations.

Responds to all emergency situations onboard trains. Initiates any safety or evacuation as directed by conductor. Is first aid qualified to respond in a medical emergency. Coordinates and provides support in emergencies until relieved by Manager On Duty or Emergency Medical Services. Ensures communication to Manager On Duty. Maintains constant situational awareness. Maintains and stocks emergency equipment onboard. Ensures all medical supplies are in proper working order and up to date.

Works on the train to ensure that the special train event goes smoothly. Coordinates with Guest Services management on charter trains. Makes recommendations on what format works best for efficient operations. Coordinates with security and mechanical departments when they ride on the charter trains.


372 W. Ship Creek Ave, Anchorage, AK, 99505

Listing Closing Date

08 / 15 / 2024