Personnel Manager

Job Description

Camp Denali's greatest resource is our staff. The Personnel Manager is responsible for the recruitment and hiring of our seasonal and year-round staff. Great care goes into the interview and selection process to ensure incoming staff have a thorough understanding of what makes Camp Denali unique and setting accurate expectations. Hiring makes up the majority of this position's winter work, which is based from Camp Denali's office at the park entrance.

In-season, the Personnel Manager lives and works at Camp Denali, inside Denali National Park. The summer workload shifts significantly once all the staff are onsite. Initially, there's work to be done onboarding, training, and community building. Soon the focus shifts to maintaining a well-oiled operation, facilitating meetings, managing the weekly schedule, and dealing with the unavoidable interpersonal conflicts that arise when a small group of people live and work together in a remote setting.


Mile 89, Denali Park Road, Kantishna, AK, 99755

Listing Closing Date

08 / 16 / 2024


Please visit Camp Denali's employment website to access the complete job description, which includes the salary range and benefits. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis; early applicants will receive the best consideration.