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Job Description

Our edge-of-wilderness location is perfectly semi-remote, just six miles from Healy and seventeen miles from Denali National Park and Preserve. We have 6 cabins located on the north boundary of Denali National Park, high on a ridge, overlooking the Healy valley with a breathtaking view of the north side of the Alaska Range.

This ideal location is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the popular park entrance to enjoy a peaceful taste of true Alaskan life, yet close enough to see and experience the natural wonders of the park. Which makes it perfect for those looking to be near enough to all that Denali National Park has to offer but not be a part of populated canyon life (which, if that is what you want great - but we offer a more quiet wilderness, summer experience).

The Host / Guest Service coworker is a multi-faceted position. These coworkers are Hosts for Ridgetop Cabins and Guest Service coworkers for a local flightseeing tour operator.

Host Duties - When scheduled as a Host coworker duties will include: clean cabins (this includes the laundry associated with cleaning the cabins), contact guests checking in that day and the next, water plants on the grounds, cleaning of common space for both guests and coworkers. When one works as Host they may have a short day if there are no cabins to clean but the other duties need to be done or they may have 3 - 4 cabins to clean. A day could be 1 - 8 hours of on duty time.

Guest Service Duties - When scheduled as a Guest Service coworker duties will include: preparing for that days tours - open and clean the terminal, prepare guest list, shuttle guests and present an orientation for the tour experience to the guests. Duties also include communication with pilots, office, and destination with information about the flights/tours each day, and taking care of the gift merchandise at the terminal and minor ground maintenance at the terminal. A day could be 3 hours of on duty time if there is just one flight to 10 - 12 hours if all flights are going that day. The day is broken up between on duty/off duty around the flight schedule. Gratuities from the flights are split between the pilot and the Guest Service coworker on duty for that flight.

A 3 week rotating schedule is shared between 3 coworkers. During the week they will rotate 2- 3 days as Host and 2 - 3 days as Guest Services. With a 3 week schedule a coworker would work 5 days a week for 2 weeks and 4 days a week for 1 week - pending special requests off or for covering other coworkers out enjoying the wilderness.

Housing is included for Host/Guest Service Coworkers. There is a shared house with common living room/ kitchen/bathroom facilities. Coworkers would have expectation for sharing a room with 1 other coworker. Meals are not provided.

Minimum age of 18
Valid driver's license and clean driving record
Be able to operate a 15 passenger van and pass our Professional Vehicle Operator Training program (This is a paid training course all coworkers who will be operating a van will go through)

For persons interested in working with us at Ridgetop Cabins the next step would be to fill out an application at:


Mile post 253.3 Parks Highway, Denali, AK,

Listing Closing Date

01 / 31 / 2023


If one is interested, the next step would be to complete an application at: