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The baker has primary responsibility for all baking production activities required to support the ability of our “scratch” kitchen to cook delicious, handcrafted meals for a diverse make-up of guests [recreational travelers, truckers, and workers] in our 80-seat roadside café --- our summer “midnight sun” season food service features both breakfast and dinner buffet service along with menu service during non-buffet hours.

Specific responsibilities include:

Execute all baking production activities required to support both buffet and menu service --- focus production activities include: a sweet baked good and biscuits for breakfast buffet, desserts and bread for dinner buffet, hamburger buns for menu service, and cookies for over-the-counter sales.
Execute additional food prep activities as required.
Assist with production activities associated with “to-go” sack lunches for recreational traveler guest’s daytime activities away from Camp.
Assist with dishwashing activities as required.
Execute all cleaning activities required to leave the kitchen “absurdly clean” at the end of the shift.


The Coldfoot Camp baker position is a perfect fit for an individual who ---

Has previous baking in a commercial kitchen.
Embraces the opportunity for recipe independence/creativity with desserts and bread --combined with the recipe structure of hamburger buns, biscuits, and cookies.
Views favorably the idea of working in a "scratch" kitchen versus an "industrial" production kitchen.
Views favorably the idea of working in a non-corporate work environment
Likes to work hard [not just in concept, but in reality!!!]
Thrives on work requiring serious flexibility and multi-tasking.
Views favorably the idea of having a physical work component to their workday.
Is excited about the opportunity to spend a summer “midnight sun” season and fall “aurora” season north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska’s Brooks Mountain Range --- and, having the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with coworkers and guest alike.

2:30 AM – 10:30 AM; 5 days per week


$16.00 / hour [potential for higher starting wage dependent on culinary skills and experience] PLUS gratuities PLUS $2,000.00 season completion bonus PLUS room & meals [at no cost to coworker]

The Dalton Highway, Alaska's Arctic wilderness highway, stretches north from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay.

Along the 500-mile highway, you’ll encounter the Yukon River, the Arctic Circle, the Brooks Mountain Range, and the Arctic Coastal Plain before the road’s termination at the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

Punctuating this Arctic wilderness are Yukon River Camp, Coldfoot Camp and Deadhorse Camp; each meeting, with a spirit of soulful hospitality, the important food and lodging needs of Arctic travelers.

Two hundred sixty miles north of the nearest traffic light in Fairbanks. Two hundred forty miles south of the Arctic Ocean. Sixty miles north of the Arctic Circle. Sixty miles south of the northernmost extent of the tree line. And adjacent to the 8.2 million acre Gates of the Arctic National Park, wilderness jewel of the National Park System.

Surrounded by the remote wilderness and unpeopled distances that are Alaska's Brooks Mountain Range , Coldfoot is blessed with 24 hours of summer daylight and magical winter nightscapes.

We’re also directly under the aurora oval, one of the best places in the world to view the mysterious and awe-inspiring aurora borealis (from late-August through mid-April). Sound like a great place to live and work?

In addition to the breathtaking scenery, Coldfoot Camp's convenient roadside location at Dalton Highway mile 175 helps make it THE legendary base camp offering food, lodging, fuel, outdoor adventure activities, and other services for those working, living or recreating in the region.

Central to the authentic hospitality found at Coldfoot Camp is the Truckers’ Cafe, open year-round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (serving food from 6am to midnight).

During the summer months, Coldfoot Camp offers delectable breakfast and dinner buffet service in addition to the year-round traditional truckstop-style fare.

A Dalton highway refuge, Coldfoot plays host to truckers, hunters, hikers, visitors and locals alike—a place for the community of travelers to meet on Alaska's wilderness highway.

Coldfoot Camp exists amid an awe-inspiring arctic backdrop. Winter, summer, spring and fall Coldfoot Camp is a great place to live and work: a vacation paradise in Alaska's vast Brooks Mountain Range.


WILDERNESS 24/7: It’s a paid working vacation. Not a mere visit to Alaska's arctic wilderness, but an unparalleled opportunity to live it.

GREAT COWORKERS: Great wilderness attracts great coworkers—perfect teammates for a season of life, work, and play.

HOUSING/MEALS: No rent, no food bills, no commute.

EARN IT, SAVE IT: Which is to say, we’re in a wilderness environment where the options for spending money are as scarce as the options for wilderness exploration are robust.

Yet, "working arctic" is not for everyone.

Many (even most) Alaska work first-timers may find our camps to be too remote.

For these persons, a Denali Park-type experience might be a better fit: a couple thousand fellow co-workers create a spring-break like social atmosphere, restaurants and bars are in close proximity, Walmart and movie theaters are just two hours away.

Other Alaska-work first-timers might have an expectation that their work days will be spent in a glamorous structure built by a Marriott or a Hilton.

This is not our camps.

Our camps are what they are.

Simple and unglamorous structures, staffed by great coworkers, serving guests who are thrilled to find the very thing that led them to a decision to explore off the beaten path in the first place: authentic hospitality, and a real, uncontrived atmosphere.


Milepost 175 Dalton Highway, Coldfoot, AK,

Listing Closing Date

02 / 28 / 2023


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