Business Development Manager (Tourism)

Job Description

We’re looking for a business development manager to support and optimize our organization’s business development projects for multiple clients. The duties of the business development manager will include promoting a destination to the tourism industry, managing industry partnerships, managing and working closely with the teams at Ovibos Consulting, and providing project reports. Your creative thinking skills, innovation, experience, and strategies will be an essential part of this position and encouraging business growth through projects. This is a remote position. Compensation is negotiable based on your experience.
Business Development Manager (Tourism) Responsibilities:
Promoting a destination/ product to the tourism industry
Managing the records on the CRM system
Supporting inquiries from the tourism industry
Managing industry partnerships
Working with multiple clients
Working closely with the teams at Ovibos Consulting to maximize the result
Understanding digital marketing efforts
Researching market trends
Providing project reports
Business Development Manager (Tourism) Requirements:
Must be knowledgeable about Alaska
Must be experienced in a remote working environment
Past work experience in marketing, tourism, sales, or related field
Knowledge of social media marketing
Literacy in online business management tools
Strong computer literacy
Project management experience
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Good attention to detail and organizational skills
Strong presentation skills


Anchorage, AK, 99501

Contact Info

Juno Kim
[email protected]

Listing Closing Date

06 / 30 / 2023


Interested? Please reach out with your resume and cover letter to [email protected].