Guest Services Representative

Job Description

The role of the Guest Service Representative (GSR) is to provide assistance with the departures and arrivals of guests at the airports, hotel properties, ports, and railroad depot. GSR's are the greeters, problem-solvers, and guest assistance providers, facilitating a seamless cruise or cruisetour experience for guests while in Alaska. GSR's also assist Luggage Truck and Transfer Drivers in the loading and unloading of luggage from trucks and motorcoaches.

• Primary responsibilities of a Guest Service Representative include but are not limited to:
• Coordinate guest arrivals and departures at hotel properties and the airport
• Greet and welcome guests
• Provide guests with directions and necessary information
• Handle and resolve any guest service issues
• Assist guests with their luggage in the airport baggage terminal
• Load and unload luggage onto trucks and motorcoaches
• Assist in locating and expediting of lost or misplaced luggage
• Complete reports for damaged or misplaced luggage
• Coordinate with hotel bell staff and other PAT field staff
• Provide clear and concise directions to motorcoach drivers
• Assist the operations office as needed
• Performs other duties as required


3427 International Street, Fairbanks, AK, 99709

Listing Closing Date

09 / 16 / 2023


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