Reservations Agent

Job Description

Seward-based Office Agents interact with customers in person and on the telephone to provide the finest customer service and information on Major Marine Tours. Our primary focus is hospitality; as customer service agents we proudly operate as the face of the company as well as the first impression for our guests. Agents are responsible for managing online, telephone, and ticketing sales, plus ensuring that the boarding process is as prompt and smooth as possible for each of our daily tours.

Steps of Service:

Treat every guest like family! Being friendly and knowledgeable about Major Marine Tours and packages, and also going above and beyond, sharing more information like historical landmarks, hiking recommendations, dinner recommendations, etc. Truly engaged conversations are vital to maintaining the #1 rated tour operator on Trip Advisor.
Safety before profit - We want each guest to know and trust our brand's commitment to safety. Safety is our number one priority at Major Marine Tours.
Conscious commitment to the environment. We will use online programs and reporting whenever possible, to minimize our contribution to the waste cycle. Team members are expected to run and gather daily reports via Excel.
Absolutely no talking bad about other team members. We are a team, and we need each other. A positive attitude is what keeps us engaged and excited to go to work in the morning.

Application Requirements:

High school diploma or higher and at least 18 years of age.
Knowledge of Gmail, Google Sheets/Excel, and general PC Operating Systems.
Available to work June-August (beginning and end dates will be determined upon hire).
Confident verbiage and patient temperament. Previous customer service experience is encouraged.
Positive attitude and willing demeanor - People wait their whole lives to travel to Alaska, and we are lucky enough to live here and make someone’s dream come true.
Besides the general combination of customer service, product knowledge, and sales enthusiasm that is expected from all agents, please feel free to include your special interests (reservations, ticketing, marketing, preferential to mornings or evenings, etc).

Any relevant experience is always a plus, but a willingness to jump in and make it work is a must. Attitude over aptitude.


1412 4th Ave, Seward, AK, 99664

Listing Closing Date

05 / 01 / 2023


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